Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dresses to Impress: The A-Z of fetching frocks and gorgeous gowns...E

E is for Everyday Glam

Every women deserves to look gorgeous everyday and so that's why I set up the Everyday Glam collection at Redressing. Whether it's the school run, a walk in the park, a day in the office or a supermarket shop, everyday really can be glamorous.

Thankfully it seems that the idea of only wearing a dress for a special occasion is a thing of the past as dresses become more versatile, casual and easy to do ordinary, everyday things in. Wearing your dress over jeans or leggings also makes everyday glamming it a realistic option to jeans and a T-shirt. the good news is, it doesn't have to cost all that much!
This gorgeous wrap dress is from Wallis and retails for £15 on

Imagine it worn with a black (or white) long sleeve top underneath, some black leggings and boots- perfect for any activity on a chilly February morning!

Equally, some funky jewellery, coloured tights and shoe boots or stilettos and this dress will quickly glam up ready for drinks at a friends, an after work party or a meal out.

For me, Everyday Glam is about looking good on the outside as a representation of knowing your worth on the inside. Every woman is gorgeous, so why shouldn't you look as if you know you are gorgeous?!

In my view dresses are a girls best friend, I wear one almost everyday no matter what I'm doing. Think about it, a good pair of jeans- £40; T-shirt/shirt or vest top to wear with them- £20; Cardigan/jumper to keep out the chill- £30....that's a grand total of £90! Yet one dress (especially a Redressing dress) will cost somewhere between £10 and £30- that's some fabulous news for your pocket!

What do you think about wearing a dress, especially an everyday dress?  I'm going to run a 30 day Dress Challenge in March, can you wear a dress everyday for 30 days? I'd love to hear your comments, especially if you are up for it and want to take part.

Whatever you wear, remember, you are gorgeous! Til next time  x

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Do you love yourself?

When I write my posts about body shapes,the A-Z of dresses and what's available in the Redressing collections, my desire is to get you, the reader to really truly begin to love yourselves.

Sometimes, we have forgotten that we are gorgeous, beautiful creatures created with the capacity to shine because the day to day humdrum of our lives has dimmed that truth, or pushed it so far into the deep dark recesses of our thoughts that we choose instead to believe a lie that we are not really worth very much.

Sometimes, we have a family history of rejection, emotional or physical abuse or just plain old dysfunction which results in the distancing of ourselves from things which are gorgeous and the continuation of said lie.

Sometimes we have had weight issues; someone else's projection of what is 'beautiful' to deal with. Sometimes we have given in to the green eyed female monster and spent so long coveting someone else's looks or lifestyle that we have neglected our own.  Well ladies, the time has come to remember that you are gorgeous and what's more, you actually always have been.

Your challenge for this week,(and I do hope you choose to accept it!) along with rediscovering what suits your body shape and which dresses in the Redressing collections could help you look and feel great, is to actually love yourself. There is only one you. Your life has meaning, worth, purpose and destiny. You were born to accomplish many things and you have to choose to embrace your body, it's shape and the colour of your eyes, skin type and shoe size because they all form the external 1/10ths of you like the top of the iceberg.

Your hidden, internal 9/10th is the place where you learn to love the real you, the part of you that knows that there should be more to life than this, that recognises there is some kind of Master plan; life is not an accident and the part of you that wants to sing out loud; cry at a beautiful sunrise and reject the harshness of life- love that part the most. Your outside is important; it tells everyone else what's going on on the inside,represents who you are and what you think of life but love that  9/10th part of you the best because you are gorgeous and you can be gorgeous inside and out. Love yourself.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Who can wear which dress Wednesday #2- Pear shapes

Hello lovelies. Today I thought we could focus on the pear shape, so called because it's the body shape which is smaller up top than it is on the hips or bottom. Traditional pear shapes have narrower shoulders than hips (hips are at least 2" wider) and therefore suit styles which emphasise the top half and de-emphasise the hips. Dresses which are embellished on the top, have a halter neck, are strapless or have thin straps are all good styles of dress for focussing the eye upward. How much of your top half you want to emphasise is however up to you!

This empire line dress from Jigsaw is a good example of another great style of dress for pear shapes. The empire line emphasises the bust area and because the waistline is higher than your natural waist, the fabric  falls gently over your curves giving you a more flattering look. You can find some beautiful empire line dresses around from the Medieval 'Princess in the Tower' look, through the Napoleonic empire of the early 1800s,  (from where the style takes its name) right down to the mini babydoll styles of the 1960s; so long as the skirt part of the dress flares from under your bustline as opposed to hugging it, you have an empire line.

The same is true of this fab frock. Its empire line cut and ruched detailing to the bustline creates a softer outline for your shape. The all over pattern provides a uniform silhouette and is a very versatile dress, easily dressed up with a jacket and heels, or down with a cardigan and ballet style pumps.

Pear shapes also need to know what to avoid! Bias cut dresses are never great as they cling to your hips in way that's not as flattering as an A-line. Pencil skirts are also a no-go unless you balance them with a sleeved top that is ruched or slightly 'leg of mutton' in style- this will balance your shape and result in an overall more hourglass appearance than you naturally have. Recognising your shape and knowing how to dress it is easy when you know how. These little hints and tips are just that; hints and tips to help restore your confidence in your body shape and your sense of self worth, remember- you are gorgeous!
Til next time x

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Dresses to Impress: The A-Z of fetching frocks and gorgeous gowns....D

Dresses to Impress: D is for Discovering your style

What's your style? Finding your own unique style is most definitely a discovery. All too often our style is dictated to us by what's currently on trend on the Cat Walk and in the High Street, whether we like it or not. We all know that styles come and go and fashion itself is really rather cyclical; what goes around comes around, so what can you do when your style is one that isn't currently in vogue? Well, that's where Redressing can help.

Discovering your style in a dress depends on your own personal tastes in colour and in cut, but also on your body shape and what flatters your figure. I'm a firm believer in wearing what you love, this will always leave you feeling good and therefore looking great!
For me, it's a love of vintage styles. I have dresses in styles from the 1940s and the 1950s as it's the values and ethos of these eras that I enjoy celebrating in my clothing.

I have found some terrific websites selling vintage inspired clothing in modern day sizes which has made it easier (and a lot less expensive on my pocket!) to indulge my love of vintage style clothing. Many of these websites use UK based suppliers and manufactures, supporting the economy and creating peace of mind that your gorgeous new frock hasn't been handmade by someone earning pennies in a sweat shop!

There are plenty of styles to choose from if you haven't found your own. Dresses are brilliant as they can be adapted to suit a variety of styles and can be worn with so many other accessories and with tights, leggings and over trousers.

The Everyday Glam collection at Redressing is home to some of the most versatile and flattering styles of dress which can be worn everyday, whether everyday for you is the office, classroom or at home with or without kids!

This wrap dress  is typical of a soft, informal style which is both glamorous and convenient whether you are working in an office or peeling potatoes! A wrap dress can often be a girls best friend. If your preferred style is informal and you like to feel comfortable in your clothes, then you will find a wrap dress very easy to wear and yet still very feminine and fun. If red or bold prints are not your thing, try a plain yet classic black for your wrap dress; jazz up with coloured tights and accessories, or dress down with jeans.

Some girls just love glitz and glamour for everyday and prefer a more formal style no matter what the occasion. This style is perhaps more suited to the working girl but hey, don't let that stop you! If you want to indulge your penchant for posh frocks then here are some that might just take your fancy....

 All these posh frocks and more can be found at

Let me help you discover and clothe your style in some fab frocks and gorgeous gowns! Remember, you are gorgeous.
Til next time....x

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Who can wear which dress Wednesday?

Alongside the Redressing Style Icons and my A-Z of fetching frocks and gorgeous gowns, I'd also like to introduce a weekly blog segment showcasing some of my favourite pieces in the Redressing collections. The idea here is for you to see the type of dresses I sell and to discover what shapes they suit, what purposes they are fit for and what to accessorize them with. Sound good?

The first 'Who Can Wear Which dress Wednesday' piece features one of my personal favourites from the Everyday Glam collection- the belted shirt dress.

Shirt dresses are amazing! Generally speaking, they do exactly what is says on the tin- they have buttons all the way down and a collar; sometimes long sleeves, sometimes short and they often come with a coordinating or matching fabric belt.

This belted shirt dress is a perfect example of the versatility of this type of dress. Just about any figure is flattered in a shirt dress; it's all about the buttons!

I'm going to write these posts based on 4 main figures or body types, all of which you will be familiar with I'm sure.
1) Hourglass- think Marilyn Monroe. Typically your bust measurement and your hip measurement are pretty much the same with a very narrow waistline in between! (Technically, your bust and hips should be at least 6" greater than your waist to qualify for hourglass status but you get the idea.) Hourglass figures are culturally and historically deemed the 'perfect' figure but it's debatable....
2) Pear Shaped or hip heavy. Think Jennifer Lopez. Traditionally pear shaped ladies have wider hips and bottom than both waist and bust measurements.
3) Apple shaped. Generally thin legged but minimal waistline and larger busted representing a more rounded torso. Think Drew Barrymore.
4) Boy shape or straight up and down, not much distinction between hips, waist or bust. Straight up and down ladies can often be tall and flatter chested with narrow hips. Think Cameron Diaz.
All of these shapes are gorgeous and the trick to successful styling is recognising which one is most like your shape and dressing that shape well!

So, back to the belted shirt dress- this one is black and white, helpful as these are neutral colours yet the pattern creates a useful disguise to the shape underneath. Hourglass figures would look their best with the belt tightened to show off their waistline and a few buttons undone at the top if they are especially big busted. The pattern of this dress smooths out any lumps or bumps you may feel you have beautifully.
Equally for pear shapes, because this dress has cap sleeves there is something at shoulder width to balance the eye on those hips. Try wearing this with buttons open at the neckline and the hemline to balance your shape. You could add a cropped cardigan with slight shoulder padding if you still feel you need balancing!
Apples can wear this dress with the belt pulled loosely and tied at the back so the dress provides a leaner silhouette. Buttons may need to be opened if there's bust to accommodate but it's optional! Leaving the bottom buttons fastened may help give the dress a longer as opposed to wider structure.
Boy shapes can wear this dress pretty much any of the other ways mentioned. Opening some bottom buttons will help avoid the dress falling into a rectangle around your frame and tying the belt to the side may look good too. If you are smaller up top, wearing a dress like this with a 3/4 sleeve T underneath provides some balance.

Just a few little hints and tips to wearing a belted shirt dress, no matter what your shape! Remember, you are gorgeous!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dresses to Impress. The A-Z of fetching frocks and gorgeous gowns.... C

C is for Confidence

Feeling great in a dress is all about having confidence that you actually do look good!

The last post, 'B', looked at the importance of always being yourself in a dress, well having confidence in your dress is step 2. If a dress makes you look and feel sensational, then you have confidence in spades. We all know that  clothes don't completely alter who we really are, (after all, we don't actually want an entire Clark Kent style alter ego), but if you have confidence in how you look in a dress, then you will wear that dress well, and it will change how you feel about yourself.
Confidence can come from a dress itself; if you love the look of a certain era, like I do with all things 40s and 50s  inspired, then wearing the style you adore gives you a confidence.  In replicating something evokative of a bygone era you can carry forward some of the values, ethics and plain old chic styling of that era, and that makes me feel great!

If you know the colour suits you down to a tea then this will also produce confidence in you. You've quite possibly got something in your wardrobe right now that you loved so much you bought it in two different colours! Or do you wear many styles of clothing but always in the same colour? Knowing what colours and styles suit you is key to feeling confident in the way you dress but I also want to encourage you to have the confidence to try something different!
If you know you look good in a certain colour, then wear it! You can have your colours assessed quite easily (a service I can offer for you) and can learn about which colours suit your skintone. Try wearing a colour you are safe with but in a style or design that's a stretch out of your comfort zone. For some of you a dress is a stretch out of your comfort zone! For others it may be time to re-assess your wardrobe, look at what your needs are out of it and invest a few pieces to bring in some changes. As we age and our circumstances change, the needs of our wardrobe changes also. Working wardrobes can often include some sharp, tailored styling and sassy outfits, and sometimes leaving work to look after children full time can often include numerous pairs of jeans, baggy sweaters and tracksuit bottoms.....If you feel that you may have lost your confidence when it comes to wearing dresses, looking and feeling good then read on. If you are still, and will always be a snappy dresser who has confidence to spare, then you may stop reading if you wish!
Rembering that you are gorgeous can be harder when your day is spent in a multitude of varied and occasionally mundane tasks, but trust me, you are! Confidence really comes from within- knowing that you are gorgeous and dressing to show that you are valuable is what really counts. That's why I want to help women everywhere to remember this, by offering them a variety of style, colour and shape consultations, as well as offering them the chance to buy gorgeous dresses at a fraction of their original retail price because true confidence and style come from you and is for you. It should never be too much trouble to look your best and it will also give you plenty of confidence!
Til next time...x

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dresses to Impress: The A-Z of fetching frocks and gorgeous gowns....B

Dresses to Impress: B

B is for be yourself
The key to looking good and feeling great in a dress is to be yourself. Only you know what makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable; what makes you feel fabulous or frumpy. We've all the seen the gal in the strapless number who spends all evening tugging at her bustline. Or the ladies in the loos pulling the back of their 'belt' down to ensure full buttock coverage! If you feel you need to adjust yourself in the dress, chances are it's not the one for you.

 You can achieve the look and style you want once you know a few key things about youself, the most important one being what type of dress are you comfortable in?

Sometimes you don't actually know the answer to that question which is why you have stopped wearing dresses or feel that the dresses you used to wear no longer work for you (or are still living in the incorrect belief that you should be going somewhere 'nice' to wear a dress). Well, let me help! These posts are going to take a different approach to wearing dresses and I have great faith that by Z, if not before, you will have rediscovered your inner diva and returned to successfully wearing gorgeous everyday glam, vintage chic or posh frocks.
 Being yourself means wearing clothes that outwardly express the inner you. If you, at heart are a romantic, then you can express this in a dress of soft lines and muted tones which is feminine and floral. If you feel the real you is more businesslike, effficient and capable, then something altogether sharper may be more of your style.
 That's why at Redressing we have made light of one of the hardest choices in the dress-wearers world- what do I want to wear my dress for? We have cleverly arranged our collections into 3 easy to use categories: Everyday Glam for dresses to wear any day or every day, Posh Frocks for dresses suitable for weddings, parties and other celebrations and occasions, and Vintage Chic for those of us who love the look and style of those bygone eras.  The first rule in successful styling is simply to be yourself. You are beautiful no matter what your shape, size, or personal style, remember it!
Til next time....X