Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dresses to Impress: The A-Z of fetching frocks and gorgeous gowns...E

E is for Everyday Glam

Every women deserves to look gorgeous everyday and so that's why I set up the Everyday Glam collection at Redressing. Whether it's the school run, a walk in the park, a day in the office or a supermarket shop, everyday really can be glamorous.

Thankfully it seems that the idea of only wearing a dress for a special occasion is a thing of the past as dresses become more versatile, casual and easy to do ordinary, everyday things in. Wearing your dress over jeans or leggings also makes everyday glamming it a realistic option to jeans and a T-shirt. the good news is, it doesn't have to cost all that much!
This gorgeous wrap dress is from Wallis and retails for £15 on

Imagine it worn with a black (or white) long sleeve top underneath, some black leggings and boots- perfect for any activity on a chilly February morning!

Equally, some funky jewellery, coloured tights and shoe boots or stilettos and this dress will quickly glam up ready for drinks at a friends, an after work party or a meal out.

For me, Everyday Glam is about looking good on the outside as a representation of knowing your worth on the inside. Every woman is gorgeous, so why shouldn't you look as if you know you are gorgeous?!

In my view dresses are a girls best friend, I wear one almost everyday no matter what I'm doing. Think about it, a good pair of jeans- £40; T-shirt/shirt or vest top to wear with them- £20; Cardigan/jumper to keep out the chill- £30....that's a grand total of £90! Yet one dress (especially a Redressing dress) will cost somewhere between £10 and £30- that's some fabulous news for your pocket!

What do you think about wearing a dress, especially an everyday dress?  I'm going to run a 30 day Dress Challenge in March, can you wear a dress everyday for 30 days? I'd love to hear your comments, especially if you are up for it and want to take part.

Whatever you wear, remember, you are gorgeous! Til next time  x


m1racles said...

An uplifting, interesting post I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Yes, life is so precious and loving yourself is vitally important, as it stems out and affect every aspect of our life.

Ange said...

hey m1racles, thanks so much for commenting- it's so nice to know I'm reaching real people!