Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Who can wear which dress Wednesday #4....Hourglass

Hourglass figures- the one we should all have (apparently!)

The hourglass is so named because of the curvaceous wider bust and hip ratio and the nipped in waist. Think Marilyn Monroe for your typical hourglass.

Wildly popular in the fifties, this shape was achieved more easily with the help of some clever undies! The corset (now reduced to life in Burlesque) was once the mainstay ( no pun intended) of this shape as it pulled in the waist and gave structure to the bust, keeping everything in place. Today, an hourglass figure can be created with Spanx belts, push up bras and all sorts of other clever tricks.

An hourglass figure can pretty much wear any style of dress so long as it maximises the fact that the waist is considerably narrower than the bust or the hips. 

 This wrap style from the everyday glam collection is a great one for both a real and a perceived hourglass as the wrap ties accentuate the waistline and the cap sleeves and frilled hemline give a balanced shape and structure to the figure. Although padded shoulders are not everyone's cup of tea, they can be utilised well to achieve an hourglass, particularly on a more naturally pear shape, as they provide balance to the silhouette.

Dresses with a defined waistline are a must for an hourglass; if you feel your hips are an issue then choose a dress with a fuller skirt or wear layers of petticoats and create the structuring for yourself. Be careful not to bulk yourself unnecessarily though- especially if you ave neat pins; you don't want to hide them completely!

This 'mock wrap' dress has a defined waistline. The cap sleeves are great for balancing out the shape and the pattern is fantastic for smoothing the silhouette.

 There you go, the Hourglass shape made easy! Remember, you are gorgeous, no matter what size or shape; all you need are a few tricks and some confidence! Til next time...x

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Hannah said...

sounds like you've been watching gok, he's always on about hourglass shapes. I love the dresses from the 50s that accentuate this silhouette perfectly

Bow Dream Nation xx