Friday, 29 June 2012

Photo Diary: June

June= Dresses; Jubilee; Birthdays; Vintage Finds; Craft Projecst; Dress Clips; Playsuits, Hair clips, Outfit Posts; Redressing Events; Victory Rolls; Sunnies; Polka Dots; Paddling Pools & My Fabby Red Shoes!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Re-Script Workshop. C is for....

Hello lovelies- it's been great to have you in the re-script journey so far! Today's encouragement towards inner strength and outer gorgeousness is all about connectivity. Who are your primary connections in life and just how much do you value them?
There is a saying among my community that we are 'not brilliant, but connected'. In other words, there are many things we cannot do on our own but because we are part of a wider network we can access the strength and resources of one another. This is true when it comes to inner strength; you have to know that we are not designed to operate alone; we are designed to be part of community and to benefit from this, this is part of what enables us to have inner strength and for many of us, that's our best friends.
Today's challenge is to write to your best friends. Tell them why they are invaluable to you and your pursuit of inner strength. Encourage them as to why their presence in your world helps keep you strong and that they are truly valued. It's their friendship and honesty that enables you to look gorgeous and not commit some fashion faux-pas! It's the knowledge that they are and will always be there for you that gives you the strength when you most need it. I know they will appreciate it.
Do let us know how you get on. Remember, we are not brilliant, but connected!
Have a great week.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall.... or floor. Vintage Finds

Just take a look at this gorgeous 1950s mirror I found at my local tip!!! She's a beauty. I'm thinking she really ought to go up in my hallway for that final outfit check. What do you think?

Shoes: Miss L Fire Cherry Bomb; Pencil Skirt: Kelly Brook for New Look
Oh I do love it that other peoples rubbish is long forgotten treasure! Can't help wondering who elses reflections she has revealed across the years?!
(Just need to ask Mr.Redressing very nicely to get the drill out now.....)

Have you been vintage hunting over the weekend too?

Friday, 22 June 2012

Outfit Post: 1950s style Collectif Capri's

Remember the cropped red sweater I found in my local charity shop? Well, here it is teamed with my black Collectif Capri's and my Miss L Fire Cherry Bombs (of course!)
Perfect for that weird weather!!! Happy Friday Folks xXx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

So you want to be Self-Employed? Hints & Tips #5

A very lovely friend of mine informed last week that she's closing down her online business which she began a few months back. Her reasons are all very valid and the decision has not been made lightly, but it did get me to thinking about some of the possible pitfalls to being self-employed and perhaps how to avoid them.
Pitfall 1. I will make money quickly
Any business, however small takes time to build up. Starting a business because you think it will make you a quick return is unfortunately not case (unless your name is Alan Sugar!)
Quite often businesses run at cost or even at a loss in their first few years of trading and that's why a long term view is important when it comes to business planning and strategy. Although you want your business venture to bring in a return you must be prepared if it doesn't or at least not straight away. Every business has 'dry spells' so don't be dis-heartened when it's your turn. (Fortunately for my lovely friend, her business wasn't her mainstay and she can come back to it when she is ready.)

Pitfall 2. Once I'm online I won't have to do very much
Erm, No. Once you're business is off the ground, whether a website or a shop, you will have an awful lot to do in order to get yourself known. Once a website goes 'live' it isn't automatically up there in the number one spot on Google! You have to submit your site, create a social media world where you can promote it and continue to input vast amounts of time, energy and effort into maintaining that marketing, branding and image. (Why do you think SEO companies get paid so much!?!) This can be great fun, and you meet some great people, but it also takes up time so don't be fooled. Creating your website is only the beginning.

Pitfall 3. I can be self-employed on a part time basis
Again, no. Obviously yes, you are your own boss and can therefore choose your 'working' hours but the reality is that maintaining and sustaining your own business requires a full time thought process even if you are only actively doing on a part-time basis. This is one area where you have to be careful because your own business will take up just as much of your time as you throw at it and more. You really do need to be very clear and very strict with yourself how and when you are going to 'work' or you may find yourself doing nothing else but! I have 3 children and a wonderful husband as well as my own business and if I wasn't incredibly strict with myself I could quite easily trade time away from them and my chosen responsibilities to them, for my work because I do love it! But, I love them more. I have a notebook where I simply write down business thoughts, plans, ideas and calendar events before they whistle straight out of my head again while I'm with my husband and children. I can't shut off entirely; I am my business, but I can constrain things to suit my lifestyle. I also am fortunate enough to rent office space one day a week which gives me a clear run at things without chores and errands getting in the way. It is possible to do the 'stuff' on a part time basis but don't go into self-employment thinking you will have an awful lot of time for anything else because the chances are, you won't.

Self-Employment can be great but it is not an easy option. Keep assessing your motives, your goals and your finances and you shouldn't go too far wrong. And you never know; maybe YOU are the next Alan Sugar?!


* If you have enjoyed this post you might also like to check out the Self-Employed hints and tips page here

Monday, 18 June 2012

Sew On! Vintage Fabric Bedspread Sewing Project

I told you about the vintage fabric I picked up at the Vintage Fair the other week for a fiver. Well, I finally got around to sewing my bedspread and cushion cover with it!
Vintage silky fabric
It's such a pretty fabric with a slight sheen. The ditsy florals look to be screen printed as they are not on the reverse side. Part of the fabric was already hemmed (I think it had originally been curtains) so I cut off a strip large enough to make a single cushion cover for my bed and used the rest for the bedspread.
JL Mini Machine comes to the rescue!
I made the cushion cover a little bit too big! I'm always afraid of making them too small so there is a bit of room at the sides. I then created a flap to insert into the finished cover. It worked a treat!!
TaDa! The finished cushion.

That just left a giant swathe of fabric to hem for the bedspread!
I'm very pleased with the results though. As a novice on a sewing machine I don't think I disgraced myself too much!!
The bedspread in situ- looks lovely!

Have you been up to anything crafty over the weekend?

Friday, 15 June 2012

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Re-Script Workshop. B is for....

B is for balance.
Thank you to those of you who have already signed up for the Re-Script workshop! It's wonderful to have you on board and I hope that some of my own journey will be of benefit to you and that you can share how you're progressing with the various challenges..

Most of today's workshop comes out of a post I wrote a little while ago when I was trying to find some balance in my life.
Being a woman can be hard. Add in being a worker, Mother, Sister, Wife, Daughter, it can get harder. Being 'Superwoman' is frankly not achievable nor is it desirable. As women we are built to carry a lot and we tend to carry things emotionally from a deep place inside. You could almost say we carry things 'hysterically'; meaning from the Uterus; deep deep down, from that safe place of strength, life and nurture. (Not from a place of emotional instability!) Carrying these things is often not really the problem, it's what the weight of them does to us and knowing how to handle that weight and then put them down successfully.
Finding balance is all about knowing what we are authorised to carry and knowing when to put some of these weights down.
Today's interactive challenge is to simply write down the things in your life which you feel you carry as weights. This might be your family; your job; your need to be needed; elderly parents; your fears for your children's future. Have a good look at the list. Are there things there which you simply don't need to carry anymore? If so, strike them off! For the other things, what needs to happen in order for you to have balance in these things? Remember, your world is unique and different to every single other woman so no comparisons allowed!
For some people, like I found, building a more obvious structure into my week helped move some of that feeling of being overwhelmed when I thought of all the 'weights' in my world. This might work for you. Or you might need something else. Take some time in the next few weeks to name your weights; only then will you know the right way to carry them so that they don't have the opportunity to crush you.

If you'd like to join the Re-Script workshop you can add your name here. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'you're next' linky and add your name- no further details required (unless you want to!)

Let us know how you got on if you'd like to

Monday, 11 June 2012

Adventures in retro hair styling! Speedy vintage curls

Well, that's it! In order to fully leave behind this modern world with its throwaway mentality and lack of values to embrace the vintage lifestyle I've gone and done it... I've sold my straighteners! Oh yes- it's curls, curls, curls instead for me  now!
I have kept the rockabilly fringe however because a) I love it as it's pretty distinctive (which is so very me!) and b) because, quite honestly, my face is getting a  little bit old to have my hair scraped off it!
I've been experimenting with curls now the length has improved as I don't really like the Bettie fringe with straight hair on me (sorry Fleur!) and have been lifting one side either in a twist or a full on victory roll!

I have a huge variety of flower clips and always wear one, I mean always!

Here are a few shots. See what I mean!
Neater clip up & twist
First attempt at a Victory Roll
I'm still improving on my victory roll technique but am pleased with my efforts so far!
Better Victory Roll (but poor photo- sorry!)
Hubby's birthday and my vintage tea dress from Norwich Market!

I've found a host of Vlogs and Blogs which have helped me trim my own bangs and attempt the victory rolls. Thanks must go to Lynsey of LeKeux events though for inspiring me that it was possible back in November when we visited her in preparation for my 40th birthday forties themed vintage tea party! Thanks also must go to my eldest daughter who is a pretty dab hand at most hair styles, encourages me to keep on trying (even though she has now perfected Victory rolls!) and who has *lent* me her tongs!!!

With 3 children and my own business, I've had to develop a cheats method to quick curls. It starts with my fringe which requires some styling help! I use a small pair of barrel tongs for this job.
Bowl or Bangs?!
My hair is pretty straight naturally so to make sure the curls stay in I use a variety of 'kit' and try to wash it the night before rather than the morning. I'm also a huge fan of kirby grips and where better than In Grips We Trust on Etsy for a delightful matchbox full of perfectly colour matched pins?!
Essentials: Pin tail comb, barrel brush and regular brush. Batiste Dry shampoo, lacquer and heat spray.

 Next, I clip up both sides so I can tong the underneath first.
Red lippy: Glam by no7
I then tong both under sides and the back, then release parts of the clipped sides and tong these too. It often looks a bit bizarre at this stage!!

Wild thing!

I then pin up one side and add a flower to match my outfit!
Not forgetting to lacquer of course!

And voila!
Trousers: Heyday! Blouse: Thrifted Cardi: Primark Flower: Dotty P's

Not too shabby for a cheats guide to vintage curls! If I can do it, anyone can!!!
  Happy Monday Folks!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Fab Frock Friday...what's new in Redressing

Another show case of some fab frocks available at Redressing this month.
FireTrap Sundress sz16 £20 Redressing

Benetton 1950s style wiggle dress size 10-12 £20 Redressing
Next size 14 bias cut sundress £15 Redressing
Next Size 10 soft jersey Tea Dress £15 Redressing
Happy Friday Folks! If you'd like to host a Redressing Event do contact me here
If you'd like to join up for the re-script workshops you can do that here!

Join in the journey

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Accessorizing, old style! The Dress Clip

I bought a beautiful floral vintage inspired dress last week and I wanted to alter the shape of the neckline. I remembered a clever little vintage invention which seems to have gone out of fashion these days; the dress clip.
Art deco 'Duette' £47 BraceletstoBuckles.
The Dress clip was used to hold back gathers of fabric or to add interest and detail to a dress. They were usually sold in pairs and many, when fastened together, formed a brooch (Duette). Clever huh?!
I wanted to achieve this effect with my floral dress so I came up with a few inspired ideas.
The dress is what I would call an Audrey style and can be worn slightly off the shoulder. I was trying to get from this (above) to more of a sweetheart neckline. I tried some clip on earrings in one of my local vintage shops but they didn't have a long enough back and promptly fell off (which is why authentic dress clips had little grippers on the back), so in leiu of real dress clips I tried a brooch or two...

The brooch proved a really good idea as I could hold all of the spare fabric tightly together. The only problem was that I don't have two brooches the same so I tried a different one on the other side.
This worked well visually, but the size of the brooch meant it kept poking me under the arm! I really need to find some proper dress clips, but it's a start!

It always amazes me how many clever and beautiful things things from yesteryear have got lost over time. I love being able to bring them back. Here's some vintage inspiration for you and a few rather glamorous and gorgeous dress clips I've spied recently on Etsy.

Wallis Simpson in dress clips (source)
1940s clips £24.87

Filigree clips £5.89

Grapes Clips £6.54

Rectangular clips £9.16
Makes you wonder what else our fashion paced, fast fashion modern world has forgotten about? Have a great Wednesday folks!