Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Year, New Blog! Goodbye Redressing.....

Well, let me start by saying Happy New Year! With the new year often comes a re-think as I have definitely been thinking very hard!

I'm sure I have mentioned it to you all but I got a new job consulting for an educational software company back in August and as the last 6 months have proved I can't do too many things at once so am gently winding up my Vintage Inspired & Contemporary Pre-Loved Dress business that is Redressing

With that in mind I have decided to focus on a more specific type of blog dealing with many of the same principles and values as Redressingblog but with much more of a personal story as part of the journey so you can find my new blog The Vintage Glamour Guide here.

Thank you for your company along the way, and I do hope you will start to follow my new blogging adventure too.

Redressing is still a webshop with plenty of fab frocks and gorgeous gowns but I am no longer restocking my virtual shelves so keep an eye out for sales, deals and offers of the month while the fab frocks are sold on to new and beautiful owners.

It's been a pleasure!