Monday, 11 June 2012

Adventures in retro hair styling! Speedy vintage curls

Well, that's it! In order to fully leave behind this modern world with its throwaway mentality and lack of values to embrace the vintage lifestyle I've gone and done it... I've sold my straighteners! Oh yes- it's curls, curls, curls instead for me  now!
I have kept the rockabilly fringe however because a) I love it as it's pretty distinctive (which is so very me!) and b) because, quite honestly, my face is getting a  little bit old to have my hair scraped off it!
I've been experimenting with curls now the length has improved as I don't really like the Bettie fringe with straight hair on me (sorry Fleur!) and have been lifting one side either in a twist or a full on victory roll!

I have a huge variety of flower clips and always wear one, I mean always!

Here are a few shots. See what I mean!
Neater clip up & twist
First attempt at a Victory Roll
I'm still improving on my victory roll technique but am pleased with my efforts so far!
Better Victory Roll (but poor photo- sorry!)
Hubby's birthday and my vintage tea dress from Norwich Market!

I've found a host of Vlogs and Blogs which have helped me trim my own bangs and attempt the victory rolls. Thanks must go to Lynsey of LeKeux events though for inspiring me that it was possible back in November when we visited her in preparation for my 40th birthday forties themed vintage tea party! Thanks also must go to my eldest daughter who is a pretty dab hand at most hair styles, encourages me to keep on trying (even though she has now perfected Victory rolls!) and who has *lent* me her tongs!!!

With 3 children and my own business, I've had to develop a cheats method to quick curls. It starts with my fringe which requires some styling help! I use a small pair of barrel tongs for this job.
Bowl or Bangs?!
My hair is pretty straight naturally so to make sure the curls stay in I use a variety of 'kit' and try to wash it the night before rather than the morning. I'm also a huge fan of kirby grips and where better than In Grips We Trust on Etsy for a delightful matchbox full of perfectly colour matched pins?!
Essentials: Pin tail comb, barrel brush and regular brush. Batiste Dry shampoo, lacquer and heat spray.

 Next, I clip up both sides so I can tong the underneath first.
Red lippy: Glam by no7
I then tong both under sides and the back, then release parts of the clipped sides and tong these too. It often looks a bit bizarre at this stage!!

Wild thing!

I then pin up one side and add a flower to match my outfit!
Not forgetting to lacquer of course!

And voila!
Trousers: Heyday! Blouse: Thrifted Cardi: Primark Flower: Dotty P's

Not too shabby for a cheats guide to vintage curls! If I can do it, anyone can!!!
  Happy Monday Folks!


The Glamorous Housewife said...

Looks great! I also use hot bendy curlers which takes just as much time as a curling iron, but the curl stays better in my hair.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Second Hand Rose said...

Loving your hair! Thanks for showing us how you do it! XxxX

Ange said...

Thanks Hon. I'm a bit afraid of bendy curlers if I'm honest.... maybe it's time to be brave! Where are yours from? x

Ange said...

Thanks Rose! I've enjoyed watching how other people do it so thought I'd try it out and it works! Yay! x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oooh think i'll have a go, thanks for the tips