Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Re-Script Workshop. B is for....

B is for balance.
Thank you to those of you who have already signed up for the Re-Script workshop! It's wonderful to have you on board and I hope that some of my own journey will be of benefit to you and that you can share how you're progressing with the various challenges..

Most of today's workshop comes out of a post I wrote a little while ago when I was trying to find some balance in my life.
Being a woman can be hard. Add in being a worker, Mother, Sister, Wife, Daughter, it can get harder. Being 'Superwoman' is frankly not achievable nor is it desirable. As women we are built to carry a lot and we tend to carry things emotionally from a deep place inside. You could almost say we carry things 'hysterically'; meaning from the Uterus; deep deep down, from that safe place of strength, life and nurture. (Not from a place of emotional instability!) Carrying these things is often not really the problem, it's what the weight of them does to us and knowing how to handle that weight and then put them down successfully.
Finding balance is all about knowing what we are authorised to carry and knowing when to put some of these weights down.
Today's interactive challenge is to simply write down the things in your life which you feel you carry as weights. This might be your family; your job; your need to be needed; elderly parents; your fears for your children's future. Have a good look at the list. Are there things there which you simply don't need to carry anymore? If so, strike them off! For the other things, what needs to happen in order for you to have balance in these things? Remember, your world is unique and different to every single other woman so no comparisons allowed!
For some people, like I found, building a more obvious structure into my week helped move some of that feeling of being overwhelmed when I thought of all the 'weights' in my world. This might work for you. Or you might need something else. Take some time in the next few weeks to name your weights; only then will you know the right way to carry them so that they don't have the opportunity to crush you.

If you'd like to join the Re-Script workshop you can add your name here. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'you're next' linky and add your name- no further details required (unless you want to!)

Let us know how you got on if you'd like to


Rachel Farthing said...

I've found this really helpful, and something to be repeated periodically. I like to draw up a bit of a mind map of all the different areas of my life, check they're still things I feel i should be involved with, look for links and how different areas can compliment each other (how does my study interact with my work?) and most importantly helps me identify things that maybe are just 'hanging on' but aren't really relevant and shouldn't be a priority anymore as things have moved on. Balance, indeed, is important, making sure all the different areas of life can fit together, with the right amount of attention and head space for each

Rachel Farthing said...

i've found this really helpful, and something to repeat periodically. I like to draw up a bit of a mindmap of all the different areas of my life/ things i'm inolved in to help me think about which require the most attention at the current time, what needs to be prioritised, and importantly, what can really be wound up because life has moved on and it's time to concentrate on different things. It's helpful to think about what the purpose is in all the different areas, even things like the time I spend exercising, the amount of time and which websites I read, which relationships I'm concentrating on building.... etc.. Balance - and prioritising - is important, and can be different over time!