Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Vintage inspiration 1950s style; Tara Starlet and my Telegraph Interview!

Today's outfit post is one of my favourite winter dresses from Tara Starlet. I found it on eBay last year and it was a winter staple. I love wearing it with my red or yellow Mary Jane's and was wearing it last February for my fab interview with Catherine Vonledebur at the Coventry Telegraph and as I have quite a few more blog followers now than I did then you can all read the blog post for that here!

This year I'm wearing it with my new shoes from New Look, cropped red cardi and of course my red hair flower. The dress is a classic Tara Starlet, square neck with two red buttons sewn in the corners. The skirt is flared and although the dress is semi fitted, the cut and type of material make it very easy to wear without too many lumps or bumps.

Tara Starlet have some great vintage inspired dresses this season. I did have one in Redressing, but alas, it was snapped up rather quickly!

I love the fact that it's lightweight jersey material, easy to wash and wear and looks great. So much nicer than boring old jeans and a Tee don't you think? (yet, just as comfy and probably cheaper!) All part of my mission to bring back the frock!

Have you been 'brought back to the frock'?!


Charlotte said...

I love this dress!

Ange said...

Thanks! So do I. Sometimes you just need a 'throw it on' dress like you would jeans and a sweater and for me it's definitely this one!