Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Foundations: Retro Lingerie and more!

One of the keys to successful retro styling is the foundation garments that are worn underneath. There are quite a few retro lingerie companies out there now as both reproduction vintage and authentic vintage clothes, especially dresses, need the appropriate undergarments to create the original look and shape from the decades they fit.
1950s underwear fitting was taken very seriously!
 When I first started looking I found it a little bewildering to say the least but have now found my way around the terms and functions of retro lingerie and discovered that they do work rather beautifully! (especially under the 1950s raw silk dress I modelled for BeBopaLouLou Vintage!)

If you're still a bit bewildered by the vintage and retro lingerie options available I've found a few other blogs that discuss them in detail and you can read those here.

Foundations do exactly what they say on the tin- they are' the lowest and supporting layer of a structure'. (Don't you just love Wiki?!) Whether it's underwear, a building or a philosophy of life, foundations are required to keep the whole lot upright and standing, looking the best it can and having strength at it's core. We all know how bad a form fitting 50s wiggle dress can look without the proper support system; how fragile a building can be in an area prone to quakes if it has poor foundations and equally how a lack of morals, ethics and values can leave a person rather shaky in their life choices and decisions?!
Foundations have to under gird the choices and decisions made like a well fitting bra supports. The iceberg principle works well here- the visible one tenth is like the dress itself or the decisions we make in life and the hidden nine tenths are what that dress or philosophy is actually built upon.
We can all look gorgeous on the outside, but do you have the right foundations on the inside?!
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Louise said...

Great post, and something I feel quite strongly about. The look of a beautiful form fitting frock is totally ruined by a failure in the foundations. I know sometimes the modern undergarments are really disheartening, they look like sausage skins, but there are so many beautiful retro ones instead. Xx