Monday, 3 September 2012

All Change! New Business Venture Ahoy....

Well, what a summer?!
Apologies for a little bit of a prolonged blog-absence this month, truth is I have a new business venture and have subsequently been a very busy bunny!
As many of you know I adore empowerment in all it's forms and this new venture allows me to amalgamate my love of IT, empowerment, mentoring and training as I'm hooking up with an amazing company called Firefly to train school teachers in the use of their really very clever and easy to use VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)! It's an incredibly ingenious piece of software which enables teachers lives to be easier, integrates them more with the beautiful world of IT and the more beautiful world of their pupils by facilitating an intranet, website and learning platform. As an ex-secondary teacher this is quite probably a dream job for me and I get to stay self-employed and wear my vintage inspired wardrobe; talk about a win-win!!!
Don't worry though- Redressing will still be up and running for you to buy quality pre-loved vintage inspired & contemporary dresses and if you'd like to host a Redressing event then just email me!
I will be continuing with this blog and my hints & tips on self-employment, body confidence and of course the incredibly popular re-script workshop so stay tuned!