Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Year, New Blog! Goodbye Redressing.....

Well, let me start by saying Happy New Year! With the new year often comes a re-think as I have definitely been thinking very hard!

I'm sure I have mentioned it to you all but I got a new job consulting for an educational software company back in August and as the last 6 months have proved I can't do too many things at once so am gently winding up my Vintage Inspired & Contemporary Pre-Loved Dress business that is Redressing

With that in mind I have decided to focus on a more specific type of blog dealing with many of the same principles and values as Redressingblog but with much more of a personal story as part of the journey so you can find my new blog The Vintage Glamour Guide here.

Thank you for your company along the way, and I do hope you will start to follow my new blogging adventure too.

Redressing is still a webshop with plenty of fab frocks and gorgeous gowns but I am no longer restocking my virtual shelves so keep an eye out for sales, deals and offers of the month while the fab frocks are sold on to new and beautiful owners.

It's been a pleasure!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thrift Shop Thursday! Vintage finds

I had great success on my thrift shopping trip this week (that's charity shopping to us Brits!). I've been after some more pretty vintage glassware and so was delighted to find these beauties! Aren't they gorgeous?!
Vintage Glass Bowl

Vintage pink glass jug

Beautiful pattern!

Spout cleverly designed to stop ice plopping out!

I was also amazed and delighted to spot this stunning wool and faux fur 40's/50's style coat in a local charity shop.
Vintage wool coat

I've been looking for a longer coat for quite a while and had been tempted by those in both Tara Starlet and Collectif
Collectif Edith Jacket

Tara Starlet 40's coat

but I'm absolutely thrilled with this vintage chic piece. No idea of age or authenticity but it fits and is right up my street. You like?!
More vintage finds coming soon!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Vintage 40's style Berets for Autumn

Now there's that delicious crisp Autumnal feel in the air I've found myself drawn to my beret collection for some vintage inspiration. I've found beret really give that forties feel to my Autumn wardrobe -what do you think?

40's dress: Pearl Lowe at Peacocks; hat: H&M; shoes: Miss L Fire

40's Trousers: Heyday; Jumper: Vintage 40's pattern; Hat: New Look
Trousers: Vivian of Holloway; Jumper: Collectif; Hat: Vintage hand knit
Dress: Queens of Holloway; Hat: Berylune
I love accessorizing with berets. What colour next?!.......

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Return of the Blog!

Sorry folks, what with new job and the start of term for my 3, I've been a little busy and have been neglecting  my lovely little blog. So, I hear you cry... what's it been like returning to the classroom?! Well, in truth it's been interesting and a little scary in places as I'm now involved in training teachers and not teaching kids.
The job is brilliant for me as I can talk for hours while wearing vintage dresses! Seriously though,the teaching & learning software is such a great tool for both teachers and kids it has been great to explain how to use it and see delight and comprehension on the faces of many a previously hesitant teacher. (I've never seen someone look so excited as the guy who discovered he could upload a Prezi straight into the page!!!)

So life is looking a little different now with me working outside of the house even though I'm still self-employed but I am most definitely up for the challenge! I'm hoping to start regular postings on Tuesday and Thursdays now and the Re-Script workshop will be continuing with gusto!

In the meantime, Redressing is still offering a 20% sale on ALL dresses so nip on over and grab yourself a bargain!


Monday, 3 September 2012

All Change! New Business Venture Ahoy....

Well, what a summer?!
Apologies for a little bit of a prolonged blog-absence this month, truth is I have a new business venture and have subsequently been a very busy bunny!
As many of you know I adore empowerment in all it's forms and this new venture allows me to amalgamate my love of IT, empowerment, mentoring and training as I'm hooking up with an amazing company called Firefly to train school teachers in the use of their really very clever and easy to use VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)! It's an incredibly ingenious piece of software which enables teachers lives to be easier, integrates them more with the beautiful world of IT and the more beautiful world of their pupils by facilitating an intranet, website and learning platform. As an ex-secondary teacher this is quite probably a dream job for me and I get to stay self-employed and wear my vintage inspired wardrobe; talk about a win-win!!!
Don't worry though- Redressing will still be up and running for you to buy quality pre-loved vintage inspired & contemporary dresses and if you'd like to host a Redressing event then just email me!
I will be continuing with this blog and my hints & tips on self-employment, body confidence and of course the incredibly popular re-script workshop so stay tuned!


Friday, 3 August 2012

Redressing FLASH SALE!

Hey lovelies- there's a flash sale on Redressing this month- Grab yourselves a bargain!
Happy Friday Folks

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Budget Beauty Buys: Dirty Works Review

I spotted some of the retro-packaged 'Dirty Works' skincare range on offer in my local Sainsbury's the other week so a review was begging!
Source- Princess Prudence Diaries
I purchased both the face wash and the night cream at half of their original price and having been using them both for a few days.
The face wash is lovely in that it doesn't get too soapy when you initially rub it (I hate an over use of sodium laureth sulfate!) and isn't to sticky when it's applied and washes off well. The scent is quite unusual in that it's not the usual soapy smell often associated with face washes, but I found it quite refreshing. It's only £3.99 full price but it is always nice to buy new products to try at a little less!
I found that it removed my make-up well and in applying a toner afterwards there was no residue which was a good sign.

The night cream is particularly nice as it is very light (I don't like a thick cream at bedtime!) It sinks in extremely quickly, although I do have skin on the drier side of the spectrum. I usually use Bio Oil and haven't bought a regular night cream for quite a while. I was already using Dirty Works eye cream which I love and so far, the night cream has been a good buy. I'd been using Bio Oil for months so I'm guessing it will take a wee while to see any obvious changes!!

I do have to confess that I am a sucker for retro and glamorous  packaging and do have a special affinity for Soap & Glory, but at these prices I was very happy to try Dirty Works and have not been disappointed.
All in all, I would give it a 7/10.
Have you tried it? What did you think?
*PS- There's a Flash Sale on my Redressing Website this month! Grab yourself a bargain xXx

Friday, 27 July 2012

Fab Frock Friday: Here's to the Pears!

I thought I'd revisit some old posts this FFF and look again at the best fits for your shape. So, Pears are the order of the day so if you are bigger behind than you are up top, check out what Redressing has in store for you this fabulous Friday the 13th! Don't forget to check out the Gals Body Shape Guide page for style hints & tips!
Maxi dress sz12 £10

Firetrap sundress sz16 £15
River Island champagne tunic sz 12 £15
The website is being updated regularly so keep your eye out for 'that dress'!!!
Happy Friday folks

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Re-Script workshop: E is for...

E is for Effort....
Inner strength and outer beauty requires a certain amount of effort. These things don't always come naturally and effort is required to change the way we think, act, talk and dress in order to find and maintain a position of inner strength.

Having inner strength means not being easily shaken, emotionally led or afraid. Instead, it means choosing to stay strong on the inside no matter what the external circumstances look like. Don't get me wrong, it's not lying to yourself, burying your head in the sand or pretending, but it is a deliberate choice to change the way you filter things when they come into your head. 
Just like choosing to wear a fab frock and slap on some make-up, we can choose to make the same effort with our thinking systems and refuse to be intimidated or anxious by people or circumstances that threaten our inner strength. You are beautiful on the inside- so make the effort! The next time you feel anxious, intimidated or threatened remember that we can have inner strength and outer beauty!