Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Re-Script workshop: E is for...

E is for Effort....
Inner strength and outer beauty requires a certain amount of effort. These things don't always come naturally and effort is required to change the way we think, act, talk and dress in order to find and maintain a position of inner strength.

Having inner strength means not being easily shaken, emotionally led or afraid. Instead, it means choosing to stay strong on the inside no matter what the external circumstances look like. Don't get me wrong, it's not lying to yourself, burying your head in the sand or pretending, but it is a deliberate choice to change the way you filter things when they come into your head. 
Just like choosing to wear a fab frock and slap on some make-up, we can choose to make the same effort with our thinking systems and refuse to be intimidated or anxious by people or circumstances that threaten our inner strength. You are beautiful on the inside- so make the effort! The next time you feel anxious, intimidated or threatened remember that we can have inner strength and outer beauty!

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