Friday, 9 March 2012

Treats for the journey!

As I journal a lot I needed a new lined notebook and a new diary (my existing one was just too small!) I found my stationary treats for tracking my journey in Paperchase, aren't they gorgeous?
Paperchase Diary and ring bound note book

Yes, I realise I like things matching!!! They had so many gorgeous designs to choose from this season but I do love a bit of floral.

I find having a notebook and tracking my world immensely helpful in a variety of ways. Firstly, it helps me to track my journey and look at things in the past with a new perspective.
Secondly it helps me to reflect and muse on what's important or significant in my world and to be more aware of connecting the dots and seeing my life and the lives I am intertwined with as holistic not separate. Seeming randomness takes on a different shape when seen from an elevated position outside of time. If you are tracking these things then you can stand outside of the time frame they happened in and see how things are linked together. You'll soon discover what seems random really isn't, but it's only by consistently tracking that you can effectively join up the dots!

And what better place to keep track of it all then a gorgeous notebook?! Here are some other gorgeous notebook styles both in Paperchase and beyond!
How do you track your world?


Jennie Whitwood said...

I have the teal floral 2012 diary. Its a perfect size to fit in all my rubbish!

You have excellent taste!

Ivy Black said...

Hi Ange! Just found your lovely blog via Shona..what a treat.
I'm a notebook junkie. I was in Papaerchase on the weekend and I love those new florals. I'll have to have one.

Liz Tregenza said...

Oooooh! As a notebook junkie i adore these. I'm personally a huge fan of paperblanks notebooks. They have really little lines, which for someone like me with tiny scrawly handwriting is perfect!

Ange said...

Thanks Jennie- they are the most perfect size aren't they?!

Ange said...

Nice to have you along Ivy- you are most welcome! I can definitely recommend the florals, everytime!

Liz, I haven't come across paperblanks so will check them out! x