Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Return of the Blog!

Sorry folks, what with new job and the start of term for my 3, I've been a little busy and have been neglecting  my lovely little blog. So, I hear you cry... what's it been like returning to the classroom?! Well, in truth it's been interesting and a little scary in places as I'm now involved in training teachers and not teaching kids.
The job is brilliant for me as I can talk for hours while wearing vintage dresses! Seriously though,the teaching & learning software is such a great tool for both teachers and kids it has been great to explain how to use it and see delight and comprehension on the faces of many a previously hesitant teacher. (I've never seen someone look so excited as the guy who discovered he could upload a Prezi straight into the page!!!)

So life is looking a little different now with me working outside of the house even though I'm still self-employed but I am most definitely up for the challenge! I'm hoping to start regular postings on Tuesday and Thursdays now and the Re-Script workshop will be continuing with gusto!

In the meantime, Redressing is still offering a 20% sale on ALL dresses so nip on over and grab yourself a bargain!


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