Monday, 28 May 2012

So you want to be Self-Employed? Hints & Tips #4- Branding and Image

Image & Branding- definitely two key buzz word in business speak! But what do they mean?!
 When you start a small business you are relatively unknown. A small fish in a big pond, especially if your business is up against others who are trying to achieve the same results, tap into the same markets or who are simply cheaper than you are. The only way to assert your business is to thrust yourself out there into the world of Social Media. Whether you like Face Book, Twitter, My Space or any of the other social media platforms available, the key issue is how you brand yourself. It's vital that you understand before you begin that as a small business or as a self-employed outfit, that you are your business. This way you can begin to establish some parameters for how you market yourself and to whom!

Firstly, you need to know the Unique Selling Point of your business and who constitutes your target market and go out there armed with both pieces of information together. Your brand has an identity so who you follow on Twitter for example should be those who reflect the same ethos, values and principles as your business which may not be the same group of individuals you personally may choose to follow. You have to know the difference! Everything you touch, post, comment on, blog about or tweet has to be in line with your business platform so ensure that it is. One thing that is imperative however is that you follow your client base/customers as you want to keep them in the loop about your business but also because real communication is a two way street. No-one wants to hear your great sales forecasts alone- they also want to know about you as a person and why you do what you do. When you own, run, manage and finance a small business, you absolutely have to understand communication etiquette correctly. Don't fall into the social media hole of trying to be someone you're not (especially on Twitter), its false and frankly quite annoying! If you believe in yourself and your business then your values are what communicates and sells what you have to offer, not a phony who will ultimately be found out.

Does your business's social media activity fully represent your brand and your image? I Hope so.
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