Thursday, 24 March 2011

My mission to bring back the frock

Redressing finally makes it into the paper! Woo Hoo! And what a great article it is too written by the talented and extremely beautiful Catherine Vonledebur for the Coventry Telegraph. Read it here

It's always funny when someone says they will put you in the paper- sort of exhilerating and scary both at the same time but having read Catherine's article today I had no reason to be anything but extremely excited and encouraged!

She has really managed quite successfully to pull out the heart of my business and to explain to Coventry readers what Redressing can offer! So, sincere apologies to those of you logging on for the first time as a result of the article- I have yet to load around 40 more dresses onto the website so do keep checking it! In the meantime, if you would like to host a Redressing Event or come to a monthly 'Pop-In-And-Shop' then please do get in touch!

In the meantime- here are a few of Redressing's current fab frocks that were featured in the article!

Warehouse, silk dress £20
1960s Inspired Wiggle Dress £15
Wrap Dress £10
The website is also home to some stunning, bespoke handmade jewellery- check out the accessories section. here's a sample of the latest collections from both local and international jewellery designers.
Handmade Necklace by 'That's Gnatty!', Sydney. £12.50
Handmade, bespoke Vintage Button choker, £12.50 by 'Tag & Button', Coventry.
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