Monday, 18 June 2012

Sew On! Vintage Fabric Bedspread Sewing Project

I told you about the vintage fabric I picked up at the Vintage Fair the other week for a fiver. Well, I finally got around to sewing my bedspread and cushion cover with it!
Vintage silky fabric
It's such a pretty fabric with a slight sheen. The ditsy florals look to be screen printed as they are not on the reverse side. Part of the fabric was already hemmed (I think it had originally been curtains) so I cut off a strip large enough to make a single cushion cover for my bed and used the rest for the bedspread.
JL Mini Machine comes to the rescue!
I made the cushion cover a little bit too big! I'm always afraid of making them too small so there is a bit of room at the sides. I then created a flap to insert into the finished cover. It worked a treat!!
TaDa! The finished cushion.

That just left a giant swathe of fabric to hem for the bedspread!
I'm very pleased with the results though. As a novice on a sewing machine I don't think I disgraced myself too much!!
The bedspread in situ- looks lovely!

Have you been up to anything crafty over the weekend?


Miss Simmonds Says said...

fantastic, I really love that pattern, you've done a great job!

Second Hand Rose said...

I love the material, your bed looks so cute! You clever girl you! XxxX

In The Heyday said...

Good project! Well done.
Funnily enough, you have reminded me that I need to finish my 30s dress that I'm making out of a duvet cover!