Monday, 7 March 2011

Dresses to Impress: The A-Z of Fab Frocks and Gorgeous Gowns...F

F is for Femininity

Being feminine is key. I don't mean 'girly girl' pink and frills but rather a knowledge of who you are as a woman; what your strengths are, what makes you gorgeous.

Femininity has been seriously distorted by society. Women appear to be restricted to one of two camps- full equality with men at all costs or the opposite end of the spectrum; weak, a bit pathetic and dependent on a Man. I'd like to redress this balance. Women were created to be fully complete as women yet were also created to have an interdependent relationship with men where both add to the strengths of one another, not feel a sense of competition, a fear of subjugation or no sense of their own individual identity. Much of the redressing of this balance needs to come from a re-scripted attitude within men, but as women we have to recognise that we are gorgeous, worth everything and highly relevant anyway.
So, femininity within clothing. Women choose their clothing for a wide variety of reasons; some for themselves alone, some in a way that pleases others. Dressing should be to represent externally what you value internally and what characterises you. Dresses have taken quite a bit of stick over the years and in my view have been mis-represented! Historically, dresses were saved for best; only came out for weddings, high days and holy days and were not viewed as everyday items of clothing. Fortunately the dress tables are turning and we can embrace the simplicity of a one piece garment and wear a gorgeous everyday glam dress all the time.

A dress is only a dress until you inhabit it with your personality- clothes, as they say, don't maketh the man (or woman!) Being feminine means understanding that you are beautiful as a woman in mind, body and spirit and that you are complete, not lacking in anyway, yet you also recognise the inter-relationship required for successful relationships. Femininity is an acknowledgment of every aspect of our sex and using these aspects maturely is what takes us from girls into women and better still, ladies. You don't have to be in one camp or another- I desire success to all women in whatever they want from life providing they are embracing their femininity accurately and don't disgrace the rest of us with female manipulation tactics or provocative dressing and the use of feminine wiles. We are designed to have self respect, embrace our femininity and understand we are gorgeous without the need for any of these tactics to find success.

So, dress yourself in a dress- let yourself and others know and see that you can re-script the wearing of dresses and release them from the trappings of 'posh do's' only! Be yourself in a dress and enjoy embracing your femininity!

Remember, you are gorgeous! 'Til next time....x

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