Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Are you who you really want to be?

Just had a lovely interview with a wonderful reporter from the local paper and it got me thinking about why I do what I do..

In a nutshell, I believe all women are made to be gorgeous, courageous, strong and victorious individuals and that this confident, aware of our worth posture should most definitely be expressed both inside and out.

And Redressing can help with the outside!
What you wear really does say something about you, whether you meant it to or not. Restoring your sense of self-worth and redeeming your outward appearance isn't as difficult as you might think and does not have to cost you a lot of money; rather a lot of thought.

Have you ever asked yourself "who do I want to be?", not 'what do I want to do when I grow up', but "Who do you want to be".....Do you feel what you wear reflects who you want to be? Is who you want to be merely a long held hope or aspiration? Or can you actually become who you really want to be?
 I have recently undergone quite a significant transformation process in understanding my identity- I like to reflect this outwards as well as on the inside; after all, my process should be of help, support and inspiration to someone else shouldn't it?

What transformations in identity have you experienced? Do you feel you are who you really want to be? Leave me a comment.
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