Saturday, 19 February 2011

Do you love yourself?

When I write my posts about body shapes,the A-Z of dresses and what's available in the Redressing collections, my desire is to get you, the reader to really truly begin to love yourselves.

Sometimes, we have forgotten that we are gorgeous, beautiful creatures created with the capacity to shine because the day to day humdrum of our lives has dimmed that truth, or pushed it so far into the deep dark recesses of our thoughts that we choose instead to believe a lie that we are not really worth very much.

Sometimes, we have a family history of rejection, emotional or physical abuse or just plain old dysfunction which results in the distancing of ourselves from things which are gorgeous and the continuation of said lie.

Sometimes we have had weight issues; someone else's projection of what is 'beautiful' to deal with. Sometimes we have given in to the green eyed female monster and spent so long coveting someone else's looks or lifestyle that we have neglected our own.  Well ladies, the time has come to remember that you are gorgeous and what's more, you actually always have been.

Your challenge for this week,(and I do hope you choose to accept it!) along with rediscovering what suits your body shape and which dresses in the Redressing collections could help you look and feel great, is to actually love yourself. There is only one you. Your life has meaning, worth, purpose and destiny. You were born to accomplish many things and you have to choose to embrace your body, it's shape and the colour of your eyes, skin type and shoe size because they all form the external 1/10ths of you like the top of the iceberg.

Your hidden, internal 9/10th is the place where you learn to love the real you, the part of you that knows that there should be more to life than this, that recognises there is some kind of Master plan; life is not an accident and the part of you that wants to sing out loud; cry at a beautiful sunrise and reject the harshness of life- love that part the most. Your outside is important; it tells everyone else what's going on on the inside,represents who you are and what you think of life but love that  9/10th part of you the best because you are gorgeous and you can be gorgeous inside and out. Love yourself.

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