Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Who can wear which dress Wednesday #2- Pear shapes

Hello lovelies. Today I thought we could focus on the pear shape, so called because it's the body shape which is smaller up top than it is on the hips or bottom. Traditional pear shapes have narrower shoulders than hips (hips are at least 2" wider) and therefore suit styles which emphasise the top half and de-emphasise the hips. Dresses which are embellished on the top, have a halter neck, are strapless or have thin straps are all good styles of dress for focussing the eye upward. How much of your top half you want to emphasise is however up to you!

This empire line dress from Jigsaw is a good example of another great style of dress for pear shapes. The empire line emphasises the bust area and because the waistline is higher than your natural waist, the fabric  falls gently over your curves giving you a more flattering look. You can find some beautiful empire line dresses around from the Medieval 'Princess in the Tower' look, through the Napoleonic empire of the early 1800s,  (from where the style takes its name) right down to the mini babydoll styles of the 1960s; so long as the skirt part of the dress flares from under your bustline as opposed to hugging it, you have an empire line.

The same is true of this fab frock. Its empire line cut and ruched detailing to the bustline creates a softer outline for your shape. The all over pattern provides a uniform silhouette and is a very versatile dress, easily dressed up with a jacket and heels, or down with a cardigan and ballet style pumps.

Pear shapes also need to know what to avoid! Bias cut dresses are never great as they cling to your hips in way that's not as flattering as an A-line. Pencil skirts are also a no-go unless you balance them with a sleeved top that is ruched or slightly 'leg of mutton' in style- this will balance your shape and result in an overall more hourglass appearance than you naturally have. Recognising your shape and knowing how to dress it is easy when you know how. These little hints and tips are just that; hints and tips to help restore your confidence in your body shape and your sense of self worth, remember- you are gorgeous!
Til next time x

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