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Dresses to Impress: The A-Z of fetching frocks and gorgeous gowns....D

Dresses to Impress: D is for Discovering your style

What's your style? Finding your own unique style is most definitely a discovery. All too often our style is dictated to us by what's currently on trend on the Cat Walk and in the High Street, whether we like it or not. We all know that styles come and go and fashion itself is really rather cyclical; what goes around comes around, so what can you do when your style is one that isn't currently in vogue? Well, that's where Redressing can help.

Discovering your style in a dress depends on your own personal tastes in colour and in cut, but also on your body shape and what flatters your figure. I'm a firm believer in wearing what you love, this will always leave you feeling good and therefore looking great!
For me, it's a love of vintage styles. I have dresses in styles from the 1940s and the 1950s as it's the values and ethos of these eras that I enjoy celebrating in my clothing.

I have found some terrific websites selling vintage inspired clothing in modern day sizes which has made it easier (and a lot less expensive on my pocket!) to indulge my love of vintage style clothing. Many of these websites use UK based suppliers and manufactures, supporting the economy and creating peace of mind that your gorgeous new frock hasn't been handmade by someone earning pennies in a sweat shop!

There are plenty of styles to choose from if you haven't found your own. Dresses are brilliant as they can be adapted to suit a variety of styles and can be worn with so many other accessories and with tights, leggings and over trousers.

The Everyday Glam collection at Redressing is home to some of the most versatile and flattering styles of dress which can be worn everyday, whether everyday for you is the office, classroom or at home with or without kids!

This wrap dress  is typical of a soft, informal style which is both glamorous and convenient whether you are working in an office or peeling potatoes! A wrap dress can often be a girls best friend. If your preferred style is informal and you like to feel comfortable in your clothes, then you will find a wrap dress very easy to wear and yet still very feminine and fun. If red or bold prints are not your thing, try a plain yet classic black for your wrap dress; jazz up with coloured tights and accessories, or dress down with jeans.

Some girls just love glitz and glamour for everyday and prefer a more formal style no matter what the occasion. This style is perhaps more suited to the working girl but hey, don't let that stop you! If you want to indulge your penchant for posh frocks then here are some that might just take your fancy....

 All these posh frocks and more can be found at

Let me help you discover and clothe your style in some fab frocks and gorgeous gowns! Remember, you are gorgeous.
Til next time....x

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