Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dresses to Impress: The A-Z of fetching frocks and gorgeous gowns....B

Dresses to Impress: B

B is for be yourself
The key to looking good and feeling great in a dress is to be yourself. Only you know what makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable; what makes you feel fabulous or frumpy. We've all the seen the gal in the strapless number who spends all evening tugging at her bustline. Or the ladies in the loos pulling the back of their 'belt' down to ensure full buttock coverage! If you feel you need to adjust yourself in the dress, chances are it's not the one for you.

 You can achieve the look and style you want once you know a few key things about youself, the most important one being what type of dress are you comfortable in?

Sometimes you don't actually know the answer to that question which is why you have stopped wearing dresses or feel that the dresses you used to wear no longer work for you (or are still living in the incorrect belief that you should be going somewhere 'nice' to wear a dress). Well, let me help! These posts are going to take a different approach to wearing dresses and I have great faith that by Z, if not before, you will have rediscovered your inner diva and returned to successfully wearing gorgeous everyday glam, vintage chic or posh frocks.
 Being yourself means wearing clothes that outwardly express the inner you. If you, at heart are a romantic, then you can express this in a dress of soft lines and muted tones which is feminine and floral. If you feel the real you is more businesslike, effficient and capable, then something altogether sharper may be more of your style.
 That's why at Redressing we have made light of one of the hardest choices in the dress-wearers world- what do I want to wear my dress for? We have cleverly arranged our collections into 3 easy to use categories: Everyday Glam for dresses to wear any day or every day, Posh Frocks for dresses suitable for weddings, parties and other celebrations and occasions, and Vintage Chic for those of us who love the look and style of those bygone eras.  The first rule in successful styling is simply to be yourself. You are beautiful no matter what your shape, size, or personal style, remember it!
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