Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dresses to Impress. The A-Z of fetching frocks and gorgeous gowns.... C

C is for Confidence

Feeling great in a dress is all about having confidence that you actually do look good!

The last post, 'B', looked at the importance of always being yourself in a dress, well having confidence in your dress is step 2. If a dress makes you look and feel sensational, then you have confidence in spades. We all know that  clothes don't completely alter who we really are, (after all, we don't actually want an entire Clark Kent style alter ego), but if you have confidence in how you look in a dress, then you will wear that dress well, and it will change how you feel about yourself.
Confidence can come from a dress itself; if you love the look of a certain era, like I do with all things 40s and 50s  inspired, then wearing the style you adore gives you a confidence.  In replicating something evokative of a bygone era you can carry forward some of the values, ethics and plain old chic styling of that era, and that makes me feel great!

If you know the colour suits you down to a tea then this will also produce confidence in you. You've quite possibly got something in your wardrobe right now that you loved so much you bought it in two different colours! Or do you wear many styles of clothing but always in the same colour? Knowing what colours and styles suit you is key to feeling confident in the way you dress but I also want to encourage you to have the confidence to try something different!
If you know you look good in a certain colour, then wear it! You can have your colours assessed quite easily (a service I can offer for you) and can learn about which colours suit your skintone. Try wearing a colour you are safe with but in a style or design that's a stretch out of your comfort zone. For some of you a dress is a stretch out of your comfort zone! For others it may be time to re-assess your wardrobe, look at what your needs are out of it and invest a few pieces to bring in some changes. As we age and our circumstances change, the needs of our wardrobe changes also. Working wardrobes can often include some sharp, tailored styling and sassy outfits, and sometimes leaving work to look after children full time can often include numerous pairs of jeans, baggy sweaters and tracksuit bottoms.....If you feel that you may have lost your confidence when it comes to wearing dresses, looking and feeling good then read on. If you are still, and will always be a snappy dresser who has confidence to spare, then you may stop reading if you wish!
Rembering that you are gorgeous can be harder when your day is spent in a multitude of varied and occasionally mundane tasks, but trust me, you are! Confidence really comes from within- knowing that you are gorgeous and dressing to show that you are valuable is what really counts. That's why I want to help women everywhere to remember this, by offering them a variety of style, colour and shape consultations, as well as offering them the chance to buy gorgeous dresses at a fraction of their original retail price because true confidence and style come from you and is for you. It should never be too much trouble to look your best and it will also give you plenty of confidence!
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