Friday, 24 February 2012

Unexpected Pleasures!

My oldest daughter has a training day today and so is unexpectedly off school!
No satchel required
 We're going to visit a fab friend, try out some of the new spring make up ranges in Boots on each other, head over to Costa Coffee for lunch and 'review' some books in Waterstones (which we're clearly not going to buy!) and peruse the aisles in Paperchase, wistfully- all together a fabulously unexpected pleasure!
Costa Coffee all right, Darling?
 Life's full of them- it's all about knowing how to look accurately. Circumstances change, sometimes very quickly in our modern world, and we have to choose to respond accurately to them. I could have been frustrated that my plans have to change today and that I have to now take a day off work. Instead, I am embracing this special time together (not always easy when you have 3 daughters), and making the most of it!

Here's to seeing and appreciating life's unexpected little pleasures! Enjoy your day!


Lil Vintage Me (the 1940s family) said...

Have a simply fabulous day, it sounds like a wonderful plan!!!!!

Maxine x

Ange said...

Thanks Maxine- it's been a lovely, albeit slightly unexpected day of enjoying my gorgeous girl! x