Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday, Monday!

Monday.... just the word alone conjures so many thoughts, feelings and emotions!
I love Monday. It's the beginning of things. A brand new week, a brand new opportunity to get organised, sorted out and on top of the many compartments that make up my world.

My Mondays are my 'Domestic Goddess' day when I clean, tidy and sort the weekends mess and batch cook some meals for the week ahead. (I'm fortunate I can choose the days I work and the days I devote to my many other duties!)
 I have a little Monday Challenge for you today... if you're posture towards Mondays is more Boomtown Rats* (or for those of you slightly younger than that, The Bangles*), then today's challenge is just for you- we're going to re-script Monday!

here's how it works. I'd like you to stop what you're doing and start to count off all the amazing and wonderful things in your life. Just think about it for a few minutes. It may be that you have a partner and aren't alone. Perhaps you have a family who loves you, are in good health, or have a job to go to! These don't have to be huge, enormous things, it may be that you can afford to buy that little bit of frippery you've had your eye on this month; your husband/kids/employees have been well so far this year; that you remembered your umbrella when it rained!
 We are re-scripting Monday with thankfulness. No matter what your situation there is definitely somebody somewhere far worse off than you, so when you react on Monday morning with 'Bleugh!' I challenge you to react to it with gratefulness and a thankful heart instead!
Appreciate what you have and find life in the cracks of your day; learn to love Monday!

*Boomtown Rats 'I don't like Mondays' 1979
*The Bangles 'Just Another Manic Monday' 1986
(Apologies if you really are too young to fully appreciate these lyrical references to my youth!)

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Louise said...

You're so right. We easily get stuck into the rut of bleurgh Monday, but actually, there's lots to be thankful for. I could definitely do with organising some of the compartments of my life though. X