Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Miss Sweets Boutique Pillbox Hat Review

I was sent the most darling pillbox hat by Amber at Miss Sweets Boutique to review and want to introduce you to her and her business. As an ex-Burlesque performer, Amber began her business back in 2009 when her need for costume accessories for herself proved to be the perfect beginning to setting up her own business which is now an online web shop. Having gained considerable skill in costume construction and sewing machine know-how, Amber has expanded her range to include hair accessories, hats, children's hair accessories and brooches. There's also her new and exciting Rock-A-Baby babywear range too. Amber is also planning something wonderful for Roller Derby gals which is where she herself lets off steam, so watch this space!
 The hat I have is a gorgeous black felt creation with a delicate lace panel hand stitched onto the front. Amber includes two ready made holes in the sides for your hairpins (which are complimentary) so the hat stays put no matter what the weather!
Black felt Pill Box Hat £15 Miss Sweets Boutique
Gorgeous hand stitching is sooo neat!
Spot the ready made hairpin hole? Genius!
This particular hat took approximately 4 and a half hours to create. Some take Amber 2 hours, others can take up to 7 depending upon the level of embellishment. I like the fact that all Amber's hats are unlined so you can both see and appreciate the hard work that has gone in to the finished result. The hairpin holes are perfectly positioned and the hat itself a great size and shape to wear.

I wore this hat when my hair was pinned up with my lovely box of pins with a vintage gal on the front of the box (a recent purchase from In Grips We Trust on Etsy! £5)
I asked Amber where she gets her inspiration and this is what she said, "I get inspiration from random places sometimes - I've got a big collection of costume books that I sketch ideas from, other times it can be something like an old brooch or sew on patch that sparks an idea off.  Even looking at places like wallpaper shops can spark ideas - craft sites can be hugely helpful too but if I use sites like Stumble-upon I tend to look at more random things like home furnishings and street art." The beautiful thing about Amber's Hats is that they are bespoke originals, one of a kind and could probably be made to order if you asked her nicely! The other amazing thing is the price. Retailing at £15 these vintage inspired hats are totally gorgeous and completely transform you into a Vintage Starlet!

Shame my victory rolls are so squashed- still working on those!
Amber hopes to get her hats stocked in complimentary stores soon too- I hope her business dreams come true. Her hats are fab, her talents amazing and I wish her all the best!

Check out all the other Miss Sweets Boutique goodies online here!


Louise said...

I'm a big fan of hats, and that one is very pretty. I'll have to stop by and check out her site. X

Ange said...

Her hair flowers are amazing too! )I could just see you in a pillbox hat!) Might be a future thoughgt for BBALLVintage?!) x