Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Style.... There's no place like Home.

I thought I'd show you some photos of my favourite bits of our house in today's blog starting with the kitchen and my glorious Cath Kidston tea cosy, fab magnetic wall calendar (Just here, drinking coffee, trying to look important!) and the super storage bags my darling middle daughter created just for me!
We knocked the place about a bit when we first moved in and took down a few walls giving us a really lovely space for cooking, eating and entertaining. A huge corner sofa and an old scrubbed pine table take pride of place alongside an eclectic mix of Ikea, flea market finds and Tiki-esque Australian souvenirs from our fab trips to visit family in Sydney.
This is part of the sofa with one of my favourite Gail Caple prints of Manly beach on the wall (there's another one on the shelf above). The cushions include some Cath Kidston bargains alongside a few that my daughters have lovingly made. The money boxes on the shelf are a selection of retro vehicles like VW camper vans, Beetles and of course, the Mini! I love the mix of vintage inspired and retro Tiki style found in our house and when the sun is shining, there's no place like home!

What's your favourite place?


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