Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Outfit Post -Reproduction Vintage!

Today's outfit post is a gorgeous 40s/50s inspired full circle dress I bought from an eBay shop. I don't usually buy full price from anywhere, especially eBay, but I couldn't resist the charm of this dress and all its authentic forties nods like the cute sleeve detail, 2 front pockets, full circle skirt and collar. What do you think?!
It's made of a lovely thick cotton and has just the right amount of stretch. Fortunately the sun has shone enough for me to get some really great wear out of it this week too!

Where do you buy your reproduction Vintage Inspired clothing?


Louise said...

That's a pretty frock. It's similar to one I have by Fever designs. Some of their dresses have vintage inspiration.

Ange said...

Aw, thanks Louise! I too love Fever Designs and am fortunate enough to have one of their dresses currently available in Redressing. They do the most gorgeous vintage inspired dresses.