Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Vintage Tea Shop Review: 'Vinteas', Leamington Spa

I knew that there was a new vintage style tea shop opening in Leamington, a nearby town so I thought I'd pop over and check it out.
Vinteas- Park Street, Leamington Spa
I wasn't disappointed. Vinteas is a lovely example of the crossover between shabby chic, vintage style and class. It has the traditional and somewhat expected array of mismatched vintage china, the shabby chic element of painted furniture, old fashioned tapestry and floral seat coverings and gorgeous Nina Campbell wallpaper but also manages to exude a bit of class in it's beautiful window displays, high quality teas and cakes and the professionalism of the shops owners.
pretty pastels on the chairs

Same wallpaper but in striking black

Cute little people chair covered in glorious chintz
What is particularly clever inside vinteas is that they have managed to take what is essentially a boxy ex-retail space with a large glass window and create a cosy and welcoming ambiance.
Stunning Nina Campbell wallpaper
As a cafe it is very spacious, easily able to cope with 20+ covers on 10 or so tables, yet the stylish arrangement of chairs and tables, mirrors and shabby chic painted furniture creates an intimate feel.
The background music is appropriately easy listening with a vintage twist and there are even cake recipe books to browse while you sit, sip and indulge.
Cakes and giant meringues!

Recipe books to view
The menu boats a large loose leaf tea selection and all is served in gloriously old china and each pot has it's own strainer. Even the old style sugar cubes are displayed with taste!
All in all, a welcome break and recharge from the hustle and bustle of shopping; almost opposite the fabulously retro Berylune gift shop and a stones throw from the main shopping street, The Parade.
All that's required now is some bunting across the Washroom mirror and a few hanging tin and ceramic hearts (like the ones available in nearby Lilac Rose!) from the existing hooks and perhaps a coat of Farrow & Ball duck egg on the wall behind the loo!!!!
Delicate Colclough china ware

View back towards the street

Pretty Polka dot outdoor seating

Let's just say, I will be returning!......


Miss Simmonds Says said...

looks like a lovely place to waste time in! x

Lula Belle said...

Looks a lovely vintage tea shop, especially like the wall paper.

I can't wait to visit soon and sample thier vintage afternoon tea

Lula Belle

Louise said...

It looks lovely. Have you also been to fourteas in Stratford? X

Liz Tregenza said...

Oooh it looks very nice. A little bit twee but not sickeningly so like many places of this ilk can be!

Ange said...

Lula & Lou- you have to get over there; it's just lovely! I will have to try Fourteas soon.
Miss S- it WAS a lovely place to waste time in with one of my very besties!!! xXx

Ruthie - The icing on our cake said...

It really is a great place - we reviewed it for our blog.
I'd say everyone must visit!!! :)

El said...

When are you going to take me?!!!