Thursday, 17 May 2012

Recent Acquisitions: Vintage Inspiration with a High Street label

Where has this week gone?! I've been super busy with Pop-Ins and Colour Consultations for some gorgeous gals this week and so when I had an unexpected 15 minutes today between style consultations and wardrobe overhauls so couldn't resist a quick charity shop smooch and look what I found!
vintage style  M&S sleeveless shirt
 I'm really looking forward to wearing this one as a retro style tie-top with my new Heyday blue swing trousers that I snagged in their 24 hour sale over the bank holiday. I'm wearing them today too!
Trousers: Heyday. Cardi:Primark. Shirt:Peacocks. Shoes:Miss L Fire
This one I'm hoping will go swimmingly with my Collectif capri pants and my ever faithful Miss L Fire Cherry Bombs.
Boat neck cropped 3/4 sleeve jumper in my favourite shade of red!
I do love being able to spot vintage styles with high street labels!
I'll have to do an outfit post of both of these very soon.

Happy Thursday!

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