Monday, 21 May 2012

Can dressing up stop you feeling down? Introducing 'The Re-Script Workshop- an A-Z to being inwardly strong and outwardly gorgeous.'.

People often ask me if I'm going out somewhere nice, am I off to a party or perhaps a 40s theme night?! More often than not I'm going to pick up my kids, run to the supermarket, bank cheques from work or other slightly less exciting errands! I have made a decision to dress everyday as if I am 'going out' because, quite simply, why shouldn't I look my best and feel good about myself everyday?
 It's not as though I don't go out but I don't save certain clothes for when I do go out. I dress the same way pretty much everyday no matter what's on the agenda.
I've chosen to do this for several reasons. The first one being because I want to. I love getting dressed up, I enjoy choosing vintage inspired outfits to put together; recreating a look of yesteryear and feeling that I am worth bothering about quite frankly. My decision to dress up is because I see no reason not to. OK, it's a little easier for me as my children are all now school age so I'm not crawling around on my hands and knees anymore but even when I was I simply refused to become a 'Frumpy-Mummy'.
Rebeccah Jolley
Personally I place far more value on what is inside of a person than their external or outward appearance, yet within this I firmly believe what you wear on the outside really does say something about your internal value system. In fact I think I would go as far as to say that dressing up can stop you feeling down as taking pride in your appearance, making the very best of what you've got, dressing for yourself first yet outwardly displaying inner values really can make you feel good. I also believe, like Audrey that the prettiest girls are the happiest girls, and know that taking pride in yourself certainly makes you happy in a way that pulling on a pair of yesterdays jeans and any old top and leaving the house in a rush only to bump into someone you would have rather bumped into wearing something slightly more thought through, may not!

Audrey Hepburn- Gorgeous and Glamorous
Being Gorgeous and Glamorous is most definitely possible. If I can manage it with a husband, 3 kids, my own business, a women's mentoring group, a house to run and a whole host of other time commitments, then we all can! It's more about a change in attitude than anything else. It's about placing value on yourself because you know that this places value on everything else you touch and all will benefit.

Because this is so important to me right now in a world which is, quite frankly, confused by feminism, that alongside my regular posts I'm going to devote a series of workshop style blog posts to it. Simply entitled  "The Re-script Workshop: An A-Z of being inwardly strong and outwardly gorgeous."
The whole purpose behind the Re-script Workshop is to give you the opportunity to discover for yourselves some of the things I have found and applied in order to re-script and re-discover internal strength and its external expression. I really hope that what I can share will help other women to become gorgeous and glamorous ladies, both inside and out. My hope is that this 26 part set of workshops will result in an amazing journey together with plenty of opportunities for you to join in, try out new things, share in the journey and re-script your sense of yourself. After all, we are all gorgeous inside and out! I do hope you will join us.


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