Friday, 17 February 2012

Fab Frock Friday! Cheongsam Dresses

I found a great Chinese Cheongsam dress the other day on that wonderful well known online auction site, only to discover it was too small for me (boo!) But I've found another the size up which also happens to be an original vintage late 50s version so let's hope it fits when it arrives and I can do an outfit post!
 I love Cheongsam dresses, so retro 1950s kitsch and yet super practical for spring summer daywear. Originally designed in their more fitted form in the 1920s they are still utterly gorgeous fab frocks. Here are a few Vintage diva's wearing them oh so well!
Anna May Wong 1905-1961
1950s/60s hostess in her Cheongsam
Maggie Cheung b.1964
 In fact they made such am impact on Western society that it wasn't long before McCalls had patterns for them!
1950s McCalls pattern

1950s McCalls pattern
I hope I can look this fab in mine when it arrives!


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