Monday, 9 January 2012

1940s fix

A family friend went to the Imperial war Museum over the Christmas period and knowing my love of all things 40s brought me back this little lot!
 There was just so much to look at I had to separate them out into sections in order to take better photos!
I'm always fascinated by the 1940's; the clothes and the hairstyles obviously, but also the time in which they lived required such a different attitude and response to commodities and even life itself than we have today  in our 'throwaway' society where life is cheap.
How would our modern day 'IT' girls cope with rationing I wonder?!

The value placed upon work itself I find admirable- the opportunities suddenly available to women. That sense of unity, community and actually contributing to something greater than just yourself and your immediate world has got lost in the 21st century.

Thank goodness for these women! I'm certainly no feminist but I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to women then and the continuation of these for us as women today. As part of my appreciation of the values, principles of the women of this era I choose to wear some items which reflect the times such as these, my fab 1940s trousers from Heyday! Aren't they gorgeous? Even in the midst of rationing, scarcity and instability the 1940s woman took care of her appearance and always looked as glam as her time, purse and circumstances allowed- I love that! I've teamed my 1940s trousers with a gorgeous faux fur collared cardigan I picked up in the sales. I love the nod to the forties detailing in the high shoulders and the softness of the faux fur. I think it's got some everyday glam.
 Here's to you land girls of yesteryear- thank you! (And thanks to Pauline for the Imperial War Museum selection!)


Louise said...

That cardigan looks so lovely and cosy. X

Kalamazoo Gal said...

I love your stuff. If i go to England I must go to IWM.