Wednesday, 11 January 2012

January Temptation

What's your take on the financial temptress that is the January sales? Are you swayed by the psychobabble that suggests you just can't live without that item? How will you cope for the rest of your life if you haven't got that dress, those shoes or that bag?! Or are you like me, unmoved by the shopping psychology but happy to have paid less than the Recommended Retail Price?!

 Sales shopping should be about good stewardship, not about getting something for nothing. If you know you're going to need a new coat, new boots or a new handbag then waiting for the sales, saving some of your hard earned cash and paying less is a sensible move. If, however, you are still in debt from Christmas, don't actually need said items just yet (yes, I know that need rarely enters a shoppers thoughts when want it the name of the game!) is it really a wise move to incur further debt and mismanage your monies just to have the latest 'thing'? Probably not.

Being wise with money, stewarding it well and using it for more than just your own needs is one of the many reasons why I love pre-loved. Without having to wear rainbow striped dungarees and garish home knits, I can still appreciate the ethics of recycling and upcycling. So, the next time you find yourself gazing longingly at another item of clothing, pair of killer heels or shoulder bag you don't need, try resisting first and if you really can't resist, then try to find it elsewhere at a fraction of the price or preferably second-hand.
Size 10 Dress £15 from Redressing
To make pre-loved dress buying all the easier, I started my own business, Redressing,  to provide an alternative to overpriced, frenetic high street shopping and the sheer ugliness of fad fashion. It's especially beneficial if you love bygone styles but can't afford, find or fit into authentic vintage dresses as we also sell a vintage inspired range. By buying pre-loved you will save money, have recycled and more importantly, placed value on something our modern society perceives as throwaway. Doesn't that make you want to refresh the way you dress?

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Louise said...

I have to say, you can't beat a bit of pre-loved. I have struck lucky a couple of times in this years sales too though. X