Monday, 17 October 2011

Magazine Review: Vintage Life Magazine

Having subscribed to Vintage Life Magazine and received 5 copies already I thought I'd do a quick review of my thoughts.
There's lots I really do like about this mag. The hints and tips on achieving vintage style hair and make up are invaluable, especially the skills required for things like pin up curls and the Marilyn set are getting lost with the world domination of the Straighteners! (At least you can use them to create a pretty cool victory roll!)
The lovely Lipstick and Curls giving advice on all things vintage hair styley! They are a regular feature; hooray!
The Beauty, make-up and hair section from June's copy. This really appealed to me as you know I never go anywhere without my trademark hair flower (just look at my outfit posts!)

There's always some sound advice from Lynsey Le Keux, (I'm going to the vintage salon in a months time- can't wait!)

I particularly enjoy the Betty Bee projects. I follow her blog anyway, and love her make-do and mend approach yet always finished with finesse! You know that subtle difference between 'Home-made' and 'Hand-made'?! Hand-made is always infinitely better! Here's her project from the June issue.
And of course there's always something gorgeous from Cath Kidston to be found somewhere inside! All in all, a good read; a huge number of advertisements and perhaps too many decades are covered for me personally, I do prefer all things 40s and 50s as I applaud the morality and many values found within those years, but a welcome addition to the Mag rack and now available at Sainsbury's too! (Is this where the vintage inspired middle class lady shops then?!)

Just before I go I couldn't help spotting a rather distinct change to the Vivien of Holloway the difference?!
before the advent of 'mainstream' vintage.....

Have you subscribed? What do you think?

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Louise said...

I bought this mag once and really liked it, but ever since it always seems to be sold out at WH Smith, perhaps I should subscribe!