Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Who can wear which dress Wednesday? Guest post: "Working Shifts"

Working shifts

Angie asked me if I would write a guest blog post, so here I am!  I’m a 39-year-old mum of two and I’ll be returning to work at the beginning of December when my younger daughter is ten months old.  Rifling through my already rather capsule work wardrobe trying to find clothes that will fit me in this ‘post-natal things not really (perhaps ever) buttoning up as they used to’ phase, I narrowed my choices down to a Boden black wrap dress and a gorgeous navy shift dress with biscuit-coloured trim at the neck and hem that I bought from Ange at Redressing.  And voilà!  I had a light bulb moment – shift dresses were the solution to my problem.  And judging by the activity on E bay for these dresses I think a few people agree with me.

‘It is never too early to learn that discretion and simplicity are the foundations of elegance’ – so says Genevieve Antoine Dariaux in her style manual A Guide to Elegance – great book!  The shift certainly ticks those boxes and, adorned as I am at the moment in mud, baby drool and dog hair I’m crying out for a bit of elegance.  I’ve just bought a bargain Hobbs shift dress which I’m really pleased with because, although elegant, it’s not too ‘officey’ so it’ll earn its keep by appearing at quite a few different social situations.  The fabric is fabulous, flowing over curves rather than bunching up and emphasising them for all the wrong reasons. 

I’ve noticed I hold myself differently when I’m trying on shift dresses.  I stand up straight and keep my shoulders down and even in those simple alterations I look different – more...  elegant!
So here’s to working shifts and not having to mess about ironing lots of fiddly blouses on a Sunday night! x

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