Friday, 20 April 2012

Why the British always talk about the weather!

We were driving last week and in one hour drove through every weather condition there is. No wonder us Brits like to talk about the weather!!! At least we were in the car.
Here are some stunning cloud pictures we caught though as the sunshine played such a wondeful game of hide and seek.

The sun peeking through

Blue Skies

Light Rain again!
It's a global cliche that us Brits always talk about the weather- but you only have to live here for 5 minutes to see why.

Happy wet/dry/cold/warm Friday folks!

(And a happy 3rd Birthday to my Aussie Nephew who I'm hoping is soaking up some rays today. A big Mwah Charlie!!)


In The Heyday said...

The weather has been particularly turbulent of late hasn't it? But you get that a bit in springtime. People here always seem to expect spring to actually be summer, despite centuries of proof of the exact opposite!

Ange said...

So true Shona!
I think it was that week of glorious skies that has confused us all.