Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fabulous 40! LeKeux Events and a Vintage 1940s tea party....

It was my 40th birthday last weekend- and what better way to celebrate than a trip to see Lynsey LeKeux at LeKeux Events and a Vintage tea party with my bestest girlfriends?!

As a special birthday treat I took my two eldest daughters to have their hair styled in 1940s victory rolls and ice cream swirls with Lynsey. Don't we look amazing?!
1940s style!
We even have Besame lippy on!

Lynsey was so lovely with the girls and we chatted about our respective businesses, how and why we'd started and what we hoped for the future. I have never seen anyone make victory rolls look so easy!

My eldest loves the look of Angel Adoree from the Vintage Patisserie so went along armed with photos....
Angel Adoree of the Vintage Patisserie
 I think Lynsey managed it, don't you?!
Then it was Zoe's turn....
First curl....

Back section

Final results
The girls and I absolutely loved watching every swoop and roll in order to try and learn some of the techniques required for such an iconic style. We took lots of pictures of Lynsey at work while perusing the new Vintage party shop stock and listening to some fabulous old tunes together.
Finally it was my turn!

Victory rolls are in

Curling with straighteners (impressive to watch!)

Almost done
 In no time at all the transformation to 1940s vintage diva's was complete!
Finished results!
Next it was off to the tea party!
Vintage china out for the occasion!
What a glorious way to spend a 40th birthday afternoon! Thanks to all my fabulous friends who made it all possible, especially the hugely talented and wonderfully chic Raych of Tag & Button who I simply could not exist without!

I'm off to Vintage Norwich soon for part two of the 40th birthday celebrations so, until "we'll meet again", bye for now!  


Lynsey Le Keux said...

Such a lovely blog, thank you! xxx

Louise said...

It looks like such fun, I hope you had a happy birthday. It's great that your girls got into the spirit of it all too.

Mumma Bunny said...

You all look adorable, how sweet that your girls shared the day with you!

Ange said...

Thanks guys! Lynsey- you really are amazing! And the girls did have a wonderful time. (So much so infact that my eldest has just started her own vintage blog!!!)