Monday, 7 November 2011

Dresses to Impress: the A-Z of fabulous frocks and gorgeous gowns...O is for Overdressed!

Welcome to another installment of the A-Z 26 part style guide! O is for overdressed!

Being overdressed is something many of us worry about, especially if we don't get dressed up all that much. It can often be the little things that leave us looking or feeling overdressed, too much bling, too high heels, too much mascara all leave us feeling distinctly uncomfortable and a little overdressed.

But how do you know if your shoes are too high? You're wearing too much bling? You look like a pantomime dame?
Do you remember the famous quote from the character Trudi in the movie LA Story? (A fab Steve Martin film from 1991).

"One of the first things I always teach my clients is about the point system. You should never have more than seven things on. You know, like your earrings count for two points, those daisies count for three points. But the best thing to do is, right before you go out, look in the mirror and turn around real fast, and the first thing that catches your eye, get rid of it. I mean, I had this thing in my hair before I left, remember? And I pulled it right out, 'cause as soon as I turned, gone! Marilyn Monroe did that."  I quite like her advice, after all I'm a big fan of less is more. (I never wear earrings with my hair flower!)

Confidence in your outfit comes down to whether or not you are comfortable. If you feel comfortable in your clothes you will carry yourself well and exude confidence. If you are confident, chances are you won't appear overdressed. The trick is to follow Trudi's advice and remember, less is more! After all, what is overdressed for one is everyday for another. You are unique; play to your strengths and know you are beautiful inside and out. Dress well for your age, whatever it may be, be true to yourself and always, always remember, it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it!

Now go and be gorgeous, whether it's Vintage Chic, Everyday Glam or in a Posh Frock!

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