Monday, 30 April 2012

My First Ever Blogger Award!

Imagine my immense surprise and pleasure when the gorgeous Louise sent me a versatile blogger award! Ok, it's not a Cosmo blogger award but hey, you gotta start somewhere right?! Basically, the versatile blogger award is for, well, versatile blogging and I now have to pass it on to some other bloggers and tell you 7 facts about myself.
My favourite bloggers at the mo (apart from Louise at  Princess Prudence Diaries!) are definitely the fabulous Maxine at Lil Vintage Me. A dedicated 1940s enthusiast with sewing skills to boot!

Shona at In the Heyday- not only a fabulous repro vintage business owner but also a lovely lady whose love of Vintage is inspiring and encouraging. Her outfit posts are also pretty fab!

Charlotte at Tuppence Ha'penny is also a versatile vintage blogger as she is enthused by many decades. I asked her recently if I could use one of her post photos and she was really sweet. (What can I say? Manners matter!)

There are lots of blogs I follow but those are my current favourites.

Right, 7 facts about me.... Hmmmm.... where to start?!

1. I have been married almost 18 years and my husband is my soul mate.

2. My favourite biscuits are party rings (yum!)

3. I have recently learnt how to use a sewing machine (thanks to my daughters!)

4. I believe in myself and think all women should be empowered to know that they are beautiful inside and out.

5. My best friend looks like Jessie J and rocks my world!

6. I absolutely love being self-employed and having the opportunity to mentor other women in business.

7. My little brother lives in Sydney, Australia and I miss him!

So there you have it; a few things you may or may not have known about me! Thanks Lou for the award! "I'd like to thank my parents for their ongoing love and support; my wonderful husband and three amazing daughters...................."


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