Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dresses to Impress- the A-Z of fab frocks and gorgeous gowns.... T is for Tea Dresses!

Have you noticed once the sun comes out ladies go for a dress?! Hooray! Tea dresses are todays topic of choice and what better dress to carry you through a seasonal transition like Winter into Spring and Spring into Summer?
Tara Starlet £85
So named beacuse of its aptness for being worn to afternoon tea, (minimum cleavage, maximum impact!) the tea dress comes in a variety of styles. Often tea dresses are patterned fabric in bright colours and are soft and feminine. The tea dresses of the 1940s would have been made from cotton or chiffon and the skirt would either be A-line or slightly full (fabric rations allowing). A demure V neck, often with ruching under the bust or delicate buttons and the padded shoulder detail is iconic of forties tea dresses. The dresses were designed to accentuate the waist so would often have a belt and  usually fell to just below the knee. Some had a collar, others front buttons. £65
 The beauty of the tea dress is that's it is so very easy to wear. Comfortable yet slightly structured, a good tea dress will leave you feeling soft and feminine as you demurely eat your scone or hold your vintage china tea cup. There are lots of tea dresses around this Spring as they tend to suit almost everyone.
New Look
Edina Ronay
Vivien of Holloway
Something for every size, shape and budget!
Happy Tea Dress Wednesday


Louise said...

I am fond of a tea dress myself. That Edina Ronay one in particular is lovely. X

Ange said...

Isn't it! And only a snip at £340!!!!