Monday, 16 April 2012

Cath Kidston for the smallest room in the house!

We've been wondering quite what to do with our downstairs loo- the smallest room in the house. 
 The position of the door means it's often left ajar and one wall can be seen so what better way to style in up than to give it some vintage glamour in the shape of Cath Kidston Wallpaper!

We have quite a bit of Cath Kidston in our home and the florals in the antique rose bouquet paper really echo my love of vintage and the 1930s style of the house.
Hallway. The colours in the wallpaper really match the original stained glass in the 1930s front door.

Lounge. Just the chimney breast in here above the original 1930s marbled oak fireplace.
What do you think?!
The Loo!

(Even the hand soap matches)

See what I meant about the door being left ajar?!

My eldest has got to be one of Cath Kidston's biggest fans! A few years back she created a vintage style Union Jack made from Cath Kidston oilcloth. What can I say? A love of vintage is definitely being passed on down!!
Vintage style Union Jack in CK oilcloth & fabric. (Artist/seamstress aged 11)

What does your loo say about you?!


Lil Vintage Me (the 1940s family) said...

It looks Lovely Ange, really goes well with the rest of the house (i'm glad I'm not the only person who likes to carry a theme through the house! You are so lucky having the 1930s house to start with, I'm stuck trying to vintagefy a modern semi!!! Loving the artwork your daughter did, shes obviously talented!

Maxine xx

Louise said...

I adore your house, as you know. You can't beat a bit of Cath Kidston. When it comes to loos and bathrooms though I'm a bit of a black and white traditionalist. We have a roll top bath, chequerboard floor tiles and half wood pannelling in black, it's quite Victorian but I love it. Xx

Ange said...

Thanks guys- we are very lucky to have a 1930s house to begin with but we have modernised it at the back - open plan living and all that!

I do like carrying a theme through the house; we've done the same with the decor- lots of off white and splashes of red!

Lou- I eagerly await a tour of your Victoriana bathroom!