Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Retro Make-Up: No7 Lipstick Review

Being a wearer of red lippy I wondered if I could find a new lipstick to suit Spring as opposed to winter which still had depth and warmth without looking too orange. I had a mass produced £5 off voucher for Boots no7 range so thought I'd have a look at what was on offer.
 In my hunt for retro make-up I've previously bought lipsticks from Soap and Glory, the Kate Moss range at Rimmel, Rockalily London and even a cheap supermarket brand or two!  (I even tried Besame while with Lynsey LeKeux but that wasn't quite right either.)
S&G 'Red my lips': Not really very red at all!

Rockalily lipsticks: quite dear at £14 and my lips bled so no go!
So my search for the perfect red for me continued!

I was pleasantly surprised with the helpfulness of one of the make-up assistants who looked with me at the new vintage style range by Poppy King and at the No7 range. She genuinely seemed interested in what my needs were and what my skin tone and make up style was when choosing a lippy.
Poppy King for No7
Although the Poppy King range looked great, the reds on offer just weren't quite right for me so I opted for a No7 lipstick named (rather appropriately for me) Glam! It's fabulous; just the right shade of red for my blue-toned skin (I'm a Summer when it comes to colour analysis). Armed with my amazing Max Factor liner (still to find a better one!), I can apply a coat and be good for pretty much the whole day. I've discovered the trick for my lips is to line, apply lippy and then instantly blot so I'm left with a stain as opposed to lots of lipstick as my lips so bleed horribly.
Max Factor lip liner pencil (I don't get on with the twisty variety!)

No7 'Glam' Lipstick: My fave red!
So I've finally found my perfect red! It looked great too on my BeBopaLouLou Vintage Modelling shoot!!!

What's your favourite retro-red lippy?

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