Monday, 5 March 2012

Colour Theory #1: Spring Colours

Colour Theory- the art of discovering colours which assist and accentuate what is already beautiful!
 As a colour analysis consultant I often meet lovely ladies who are a bit confused about what colours will suit their skin tone so I thought I'd introduce you to the 'Spring' palette.

Spring is a beautiful skin tone to have- it's warm as opposed to cool (a Spring will usually look better in gold jewellery than silver), and reflects some of the colours found in nature during the Spring season. Warm peaches, apricots, corals and salmon pinks form many of the Spring palette colours alongside yellow greens, warm aquas, sea greens, navy and tan colours.
Do you know what colour palette you are? Well, here's a few questions to get you thinking!
1. Can you wear any colour and look your best?
2. Do you create a good first impression all the time?
3. Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?
4. When you shop, do you have direction or do you wander aimlessly?
5. Do you buy too much make-up or not enough make-up because you're not sure just what is right for you?
6. If you colour your hair are you positive it is the most flattering shade?
7. Are you excited about the way you look?

If you're not happy with your answers to any of these questions then maybe you need some help identifying what palette you might be.
Which colour works best?
Knowing what colours suit you is helpful as it gives you assurances that whatever you buy will suit your skin tone but you still have to know your shape and what will suit it! It also doesn't mean (as some people tend to think) that you suddenly have to ditch all the contents of your existing wardrobe if they aren't the 'right' season. It's more of a guide, that's all.

To work out if you are a Spring you should be answering 'yes' to most of these questions:
1. Do you suit gold tones over silver (Note- this doesn't mean you actually prefer gold, or that you can only wear gold jewellery!)
2. Is your skin tone peachy, creamy ivory or gold under-toned as opposed to pink or blue under-toned? (you can ascertain your undertones by holding a piece of white paper and hold it under you wrist and hand).
3. If you go look in your wardrobe are the majority of colours in there warm-toned anyway? (most ladies instinctively know if they are 'warm' or 'cool' toned).
4. is you (natural) hair colour golden blond, strawberry, red or golden brown? (Ash tone hair is not spring)

 Famous Spring palette women include Nicole Kidman and Julie Andrews and Marilyn Monroe!
Nicole Kidman
Julie Andrews

Marilyn Monroe rocking coral
If you'd like to know more about your colours then email me and I'll see if I can help.
Remember, it's not what you wear on the outside but who you are on the inside. (Might as well help ourselves look as gorgeous as we are though 'eh?!)

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