Wednesday, 18 January 2012

All in a lather- 1950s style!

I have been amazed of late at just how much fabulous vintage style bath and shower accessories are available in the stores and online. I was fortunate enough to receive some of these retro goodies for Christmas so I thought I'd share them with you.

What's really lovely is that just in this range of goodies there is something for all pockets. The retro packaged soaps are by Ella and Rose and were purchased at Asda. They come in at around £5 for a cute box of 4 and look great sitting on any bath side. (I must admit, I probably won't actually open them as I love the packaging so much!)
Aren't they cute!

The other cool set of fifties inspired bath bits are by the glorious Soap & Glory. Definitely at the top end of the price market, their products are simply gorgeous and smell divine. I was the happy recipient of this luscious shea-butter body cream

 available at Boots for around £10. I loved it so much I then bought myself the body scrub, decidedly more affordable at around £2.30. I do like an exfoliating scrub which actually feels like it's rubbing all that old skin away. This one has plenty of little scrubbing beads and smells so pretty too. The nice thing about the S&G products is that they are available all year round and not just in the run up to Christmas.
But my absolute favourite of the retro inspired bathing accessories I got, has got to be these super tubes of loveliness from good old Marks & Spencer!

The product range is called 'Busy but Beautiful' and if you have been following this blog for long you will know that that sums me up perfectly! As a wife, Mum of 3 gorgeous girls, small business owner, Women's mentor and serial blogger, you will know that I am most certainly busy but I am also a very firm believer in all women being beautiful both inside and out.
Beauty is definitely not just skin deep, it's all about character, values, integrity and above all, balance. As women in today's world there is a tendency to compare ourselves and our immediate world with that of other women. We are assaulted with images of Celebs at size 0, fad diets and 'tricks' to defy ageing. As women of today's world we have to know that we are unique, our circumstances are our own and it's futile to compare our lives against other ladies we know or we read about. Celebrate being you, there is always beauty within! (And seeing as how you have to wash, bathe and scrub anyway, why not add a bit of vintage style glamour and class with accessories like these?!)

Here's to a beautiful clean new you!


Louise said...

Also, have you seen the vintage looking range in Sainsbos? It's pocket friendly too. I have such a stockpile of smellies that I'm not buying any right now, but when I am I may try that Sainsbos range. X

Knight'sEclectic said...

I adore soap and glory stuff, the packaging is lovely too. The other stuff looks great and if its cheaper then I'll give it a try x