Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Who can wear which dress Wednesday: a little bit of dress history.

It's Wednesday so that must mean it's time for another encouraging identity re-scripting blog for all you dress lovers out there!
I've blogged quite a bit before about body shapes and corresponding dress styles and am encouraged to meet more and more women wearing dresses and looking and feeling girly and glam!

Dresses have had quite a turn around over the last century. Think back to what women were wearing in the 1900s and just how much skirt lengths, shoulder widths and collars have changed in the last century or so!

 Isn't it great that we can now wear what we love and like with such freedom?
So ladies, whether you're a Vintage Vixen, Daring Diva, Plain Jane or Yummy Mummy, there's no excuse! get that dress on!!!!

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And it's our 1st birthday bash this Friday- join us for champagne, fab frocks and gorgeous gowns! Here's some reminders of styles gone by!





Louise said...

We certainly have more choice than ever before in terms of styles and materials and accesability. Everyday should be opportunity to dress up :-) x

Ange said...

I agree! One should always look ones best, no matter what (although today is such a bad hair day that the beret hasn't come off yet!!!)