Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Things that matter to me... What is redressing built upon?

Things that matter to me..

Redressing is built upon a platform of strong foundations which relate to self-worth and re-scripted identity. We are all created with abilities, desires, interests and a sense of are some of those foundations unpacked for you....

A- Acceptance. It matters that we ladies accept ourselves! It doesn't matter what shape, size, colour or demographic we are so long as we accept ourselves. Yes, there are aspects we want to change, habits we'd like to break and thoughts we wish we didn't have but the fundamental thing is that we love and accept ourselves for who we are and embrace the potential that's within us!
 B- Beauty is on the inside..
With 3 daughters, hairstyles, make up, clothes and shoes can be a big feature of our house yet I have instilled in my girls that beauty is on the inside. Are they kind? Considerate? Thoughtful and gentle? These are the attributes that make a woman beautiful. The way you dress your outer body still needs serious consideration and appropriate guidance but who you are on the inside is what really counts.
C- Creativity
Creativity is not just the prerogative of the artistically talented. All of us can be creative in our thinking systems and can choose to view our world positively and purposefully. The choice to transcend traditional ideas, rules and patterns and to create meaningful new ideas and be original is ours. Creativity can influence the way we dress and influence the way we think about ourselves. Be who you know you can be, always be the very best version of yourself.

These are just the first 3 of many of Redressing's it time to refresh the way you dress, think and value yourself?

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Louise said...

Very true and wise words. I especially agree with the bit about beauty, outward appearance is important, but not as important as your attitude towards others. X