Monday, 24 October 2011

Vintage York!

I'm heading up to York for a few days so have decided to blog about my adventures and produce a kind of mini-review of Vintage York.

Cath Kidston Shop, Stonegate, York.

The trip won't be complete without a trip to the Cath Kidston shop (my girls are HUGE fans!) and quite remarkably the glorious Betty's tea rooms are virtually across the road.
Betty's Tea Rooms, Stonegate, York
It's been a while since I last tasted their exquisite coffee and cakes... yum!

I'm hoping to locate quite a few authentic and reproduction vintage shops that I've discovered doing a bit of research. 'The House of Avalon' looks very interesting and has a coffee shop attached! There's also 'Purple Haze Vintage', 'Vintage' and the magnificent 'Banana Warehouse'. I just hope I can find them all!
House of Avalon, York
Banana Warehouse, York

Vintage, Grape Lane
Purple Haze, York

Anywhere else you'd suggest I visit for a review on Vintage York?

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Louise said...

I've only been to York once, looks like I need to go back.