Wednesday, 26 October 2011

All about Redressing events

I have been asked some questions recently about Redressing events so here you go!

The Redressing Experience happens in one of three ways. Firstly you can attend a Pop-In-And-Shop at my house on the first Monday and Friday of the month.

All dresses from all 3 collections are available to try before you buy. The coffee pot is on and there's usually a gathering of gorgeous girls browsing the rails and trying on fab frocks. The event is so named because it does exactly what it says on the tin; you Pop-In (often during your lunch hour) and shop.

There's usually the jewellery collection available, although there will all have to be sold by the end of the year. These events are perfect for busy women who want a divine dress and who know they can simply pop-in and pick out a stunner perfect for a special occasion or simply for Everyday Glam.

The second type of Redressing experience is an Evening Event. These usually take place in other ladies homes and I bring the dresses, the colour analysis scarves, body shape and style consultations, advice and general 'feel-good' factor to the party! Whether you host an evening of 30 ladies or 3 who want to know their body shape and 'best fits', an excellent evening is to be had by all.

The third type of Redressing Experience is one of my own Evening Events. I usually hold these at least once every quarter for my gorgeous girls who work full time and look forward to the opportunity to attend an event, have a glass of wine and a few nibbles and chat together about all things frock. If you'd like to join us the next Evening Event is our First Birthday Bash! Friday November 25th from 8pm. Come and join us and experience Redressing for yourself!

Have you attended one of our events? Which one and what did you like best and what did you buy? I loved refreshing the way you dress!


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